'Big Bang Theory' Season 7 Finale: Creator Steve Molaro Says Explosive, Dramatic Ending in Store, More Proposals & Marriages

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"Big Bang Theory" will see more marriages and proposals coming its way. According to show runner Steve Molaro a lot of big things will happen in the last three episodes of Season 7. In the latest season we have already seen how Penny and Leonard have pondered the question of marriage and how Amy and Sheldon are getting closer by the day. Clearly, the characters in the show are growing up and understanding the mathematics of relationships. Raj has also broken out in the territory of dating and Howard and Bernadette are getting thicker by the days.

Molaro has revealed that Season 7 will have a lot of big moves. Some of exciting things to look forward can be Penny and Leonard again exploring the marriage proposal and Bernadette and Howard growing concerns for Mrs Wolowitz health.

Molaro said in his interview to Hollywood Reporter that Season 7 would have a dramatic and explosive end, leaving the fans in suspense.   

"It does end on something of a cliffhanger. The last three episodes, a lot of big moves happen. The final three episodes aren't necessarily building to a crescendo in the finale but there are big moves happening all over the place, including the finale. I'm pretty excited about it," Molaro revealed to the website.

"Big Bang Theory" has already been renewed for three more seasons and Molaro believes that he is going to go ahead with more seasons though he has no idea what is going to happen in the coming three seasons.

"I'm going to move forward along with Chuck Lorre, that 10 is the end unless we're told otherwise. These are decisions that are so far away I can't really even think about that. I have no choice but to move forward ... it's so far away. The mindset is it's going to be the 10 and then we'll see what happens after that," he further revealed.

Let us know what do you think about three more seasons of "Big Band Theory". Do you think a lot of new twist and turns are there in store?

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