‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 7 Episode 21 Preview: Sheldon, Penny Together Time in ‘Anything Can Happen Recurrence’ [VIDEO]

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The episode 21 of "The Big Bang Theory" Season 7 is titled "Anything Can Happen Recurrence." The preview clip of the episode suggests that Penny and Sheldon are going to spend some time, together. This news must delight shippers of Sheldon and Penny.

The preview of the episode indicates that Sheldon and Penny will try to figure out their future. According to the spoilers leaked online, both Sheldon and Penny will be in a mood to complain, as they are not happy with their career choices. This will drive Amy and Bernadette away, as they will be seen making excuses when Leonard, Penny and Sheldon will invite them for dinner at a new restaurant.

The spoilers reveal that the trio will spot Amy and Bernadette having dinner in a restaurant. The two will admit that they are tired of Penny and Sheldon's non-stop complaining and thus decided to have dinner together and not with them. Leonard will be joining them for dinner, while the two cribbers, Sheldon and Penny, will go to a different restaurant.

In the preview clip, Sheldon and Penny can be seen sitting in a restaurant, with fortune cookies. Also, the two will be visiting a psychic. She tells Sheldon about a woman in his life and that he finds it difficult to get close with her. The psychic can be seen telling Sheldon in the preview, "your spirit guides are telling me that you're in a romantic relationship." According to the spoilers, Penny will tell Sheldon that Amy is key to his happiness.

Meanwhile, Howard will be helping Raj, regarding his date with Emily, by watching a horror movie with him. This is the practice run, as it is the movie that Emily loves. Raj wants to be well-prepared and not be scared when he watches the horror movie with Emily, according to the spoilers.

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Official Synopsis of "The Big Bang Theory" Season 7 Episode 21 "Anything Can Happen Recurrence": "When Sheldon tries to be spontaneous, it leads to unexpected friction between Penny, Amy and Bernadette. Meanwhile, Raj seeks Howard's help in preparing for a date with Emily."

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