The Big Bang Theory Season 6: Kaley Cuoco Dishes Reason for Tearing Up on the ‘I Love You’ Scene

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The Big Bang Theory Season 6 is back with a fresh episode Thursday night in U.S. television. Are you wondering what happens next after the "I love you" scene between Penny and Leonard?

"The 43 Peculiarity" is TBBT's highest-rated episode of the series, ever. This is where Raj and Howard try to figure out the significance of the number 43 in Sheldon's secret routine. Ryan Cartwright and Margo Harshman come in to rock the relationship of Leonard and Penny as Cole and Alex, respectively. But most important to some fans, this episode will go down in TBBT history as the one where Penny said "I love you" to Leonard for the first time.

As if to celebrate the big episode, a video clip of the TBBT cast's flash mob dance was uploaded to YouTube the next day.

Viral Video: 'Big Bang Theory' Flash Mob Gets 11M Views - Find Sheldon Cooper!

Kaley Cuoco: 'I cried at the table read. I cried in the rehearsal.'

Speaking to TV Line's Matt Webb Mitovich, Kaley Cuoco revealed Penny's "I love you" has truly affected her.

"I cried at the table read. I cried in the rehearsal. I cried in run-throughs. That's why I had to take such a long beat, because I thought, 'If I close my eyes, tears are just going to come streaming down my face,' and I wanted it to look more pent-up. I thought, 'Oh, they'll tighten that [in editing],' but they left it all in there. I guess they liked it."

Cuoco also said she appreciates how the scene was written, and how Penny arrived at that special moment.

"It made perfect sense that she would blurt them out and not even realize it. And you saw the vulnerability at the same time. I feel like Penny's got just as many issues as Leonard, in different ways, and this has obviously been very difficult for her, so I loved that it came out without her knowing."

This week, CBS goes for brevity in teasing the audience:

"When the University reassigns Sheldon's parking spot to Wolowitz, their fight affects the whole gang."

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