The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Finale Spoilers: Leonard and Penny goes back to a Season 2 moment, Sheldon gets jealous!


'The Big Bang Theory' Season 6 finale is just two weeks away. We've rounded up some TBBT finale spoilers and teasers for the avid fans of the nerdy comedy. The biggest scoop concerns the loveteam of Leonard and Penny. It seems they will have a Season 2 finale moment, only this time, they're already officially in a relationship.

In The Big Bang Theory Season 2 finale, Leonard leaves with Sheldon and the rest of the gang for a North Pole study. Something similar is about to happen in this year's finale, only this time, Leonard is leaving for a trip that marks the advancement of his career. How will Penny react?

Here are some of the things we know about The Big Bang Theory Season 6 Finale:

1. "The Bon Voyage Reaction" (Season 6, Episode 24) is the title of this year's TBBT finale. It will air on May 16 in the U.S. via the CBS network.

2. Sheldon Cooper gets jealous about a milestone in Leonard's career. The CBS press release says, "A new success for Leonard makes Sheldon very jealous."

3. Penny and Leonard talks about their relationship. Or at least they try to. The same press release says the big news about Leonard "throws Penny for a loop."

4. "(Raj) Koothrappali pushes Lucy too far in their relationship," reads the third and final part of the CBS release. It must be noted that at this point, there is no official word yet on Lucy's Season 7 participation.

5.  A job overseas is waiting for Leonard. He's been in a long distance relationship and viewers saw how it got messed up. Will he take a risk again, this time with Penny? Or will he pass up the chance to be with his girlfriend who gets upset with the thought that he might propose - again?

"Leonard and Penny are in the best place they have been since they started dating," 'Big Bang' executive producer Steven Molaro told TVLine recently. Viewers can expect he will be confused about the latest development at work. "He's a little nervous, because he doesn't want anything to get screwed up," notes Molaro.

Last year, the TBBT finale was about the sweet rooftop wedding of Howard and Bernadette. This time, Leonard and Penny are back at the front and center of the sitcom. What do you think happens next?

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