'The Big Bang Theory' RECAP: Season 7 Ep. 5: 'The Workplace Proximity': Sheldon, Amy Say 'I Like You'

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"Awkward silence, Sheldon (Jim Parsons) on his phone, no touching, somebody is having date night," Penny (Kelly Cuoco) says to Sheldon and Amy (Mayim Bialik) who are having their quiet dinner date at her restaurant. Sheldon is busy browsing cuticle scissors and Penny wants Amy to tear-off his clothes and take him on the table. Sheldon warns that if Amy does that he will scream. Amy reveals to Sheldon that she has been invited to his University to conduct an experiment, and that it will be great as they can have lunch, together and car pool. Sheldon reacts to car pool saying that Leonard driving him to work is getting tedious, lately.

Amy asks Sheldon if it is okay with him if she is working at his workplace, mentioning about "a vulgar adage that one should not defecate where one eats." She explains to Sheldon that it means not to have a romantic relationship at the workplace. He does not have a problem with Amy working at his University. But, he starts having a problem after playing a card game with Howard (Simon Helberg), Raj (Kunal Nayyar) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki). Howards tells that it is not a good idea to have Amy at the University. Howards also says he would never like to work with Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) as seeing her at work all day and after work is insane. Raj wonders that they (Howard and Raj) work together at the same place and are hanging out together after work, too. Howards tells him that, that is what drove him in the arms of a woman. Sheldon has a "top notch idea." He will deduct the workplace seeing each other time from the weekly quota, and Leonard wants to be there when Sheldon tells Amy that.

At Penny's place, the three girls are having their girls' together time. Bernadette asks Amy about her experiment. The two talk about experiments on monkey and humans. Penny chips in, too thanks to her smartphone, which is as smarter as Amy and Bernadette.

Sheldon comes knocking at Penny's door: "Amy, Bernadette, Penny ... Amy, Bernadette, Penny ... Amy, Bernadette, Penny ..." Amy opens the door and Sheldon tells her, "I've reconsidered and you cannot work where I work." But, Amy has already signed the contract and cashed the money. Penny wants to know why he has changed his mind. Sheldon reveals that Howard is the reason behind that as he wouldn't like to work with his wife. "He thinks too much of you will be mind-numbingly tedious," Sheldon tells Bernadette.

Bernadette is furious and confronts Howard. The man is unable to provide a reasonable explanation and tries to paint a different version. "If we work together, there would be too much of me for you, and not the other way around," Howard tells his wife.  Sheldon is present there to point out that it is a lie. Leonard and Raj are watching the fight between Howard and Bernadette, with pop-corns. Bernadette tells Howard to find somewhere else to sleep at night, while Sheldon informs him that he and Amy are fine. Sheldon has given Amy the permission after she tells him that they will be seeing less of each other and will be in different buildings.

At the cafeteria, Howard's expressions tell that he did not have a good night at Raj's place. Howard tells Sheldon that he out of his house situation wouldn't have happened if he was not helping him. Amy comes to the cafeteria. She addresses Leonard, Sheldon, Howard and Raj as gentlemen and moves ahead, and Leonard finds that icy. Sheldon tells that she is respecting the professional boundaries. He sees Amy laughing with her colleagues at another table and goes to her table, saying don't worry moth (Amy) "flame (Sheldon) will come to you."  

At Amy's table, Sheldon cracks ethinic jokes at the expense of her colleague who is from Stockholm, Sweden. Amy addresses him as Dr Cooper and asks him where they are going with his jokes. Sheldon sits and tells her two colleagues that he is her boy friend and they are in a boy-girl relationship ... and it is a physical relationship, too that includes hand holding, hugging even on hot days. Amy kicks Sheldon on his shin under the table, and Sheldon mentions that aloud, further embarrassing Amy. Also, he kicks Amy on the shin, too.

Later, Sheldon comes to Amy's workplace while she is recording responses of a monkey. He wants her to drive him home as he is done with work and Leonard is not. Amy says she is busy and has no intention of doing a favour after the way he treated her at the cafeteria.  Sheldon feels that his conduct at the cafeteria was "delightful" and there must be some problem with her Swedish colleague. Amy points out that he embarrassed her in front of her colleagues on her first day at work. Finally, Sheldon gets that she is angry at him and Amy asks him to leave.

Sheldon reaches home late and he tells Leonard and Penny that he has to take the bus home. He missed his stop as he fell asleep in the bus, and met Sri Lankans while asking for directions. Penny wants to know what happened between him and Amy. Sheldon: "Can you believe she said that I embarrassed her." Penny nods her head to say that she believes. Leonard says that "Amy is right and he is wrong" and he and Penny want him to talk to Amy. They don't want to listen to Sheldon's version.

Late in the night, Sheldon visits Amy's place. He tells her that "all relationships are difficult, but even more so when you in with a person who struggles with every day social interactions" and if that person is a weirdo. Amy tells Sheldon that he is not a weirdo. Sheldon corrects her that he wasn't calling himself a weirdo. It was meant for Amy.

"We're a couple. I like you for who you are, quirks and all," Sheldon tells Amy. Amy tells Sheldon that she likes him, too. But, when he adds that not many banging on her door would put on with her nonsense, she shuts the door on his face.   

Bernadette goes to Raj's place and tells Howard that she may have over-reacted. Howard tells her that he too didn't handle things well, and promises to make a fresh start from the next day and make her his first priority. Raj and Howard are reaching the end of a batman game and shows no inclination of going back home with Bernadette. Bernadette walks off, angrily. Raj tells Howard to go after her. Howard shouts to know from Bernadette if he can do that, she shouts back a big No.

At the Cheesecake Factory, Bernadette and Amy tell Penny that they wouldn't make-up with their men or apologise to them until and unless they don't come begging. Penny says that Leonard is going to fix them. But, he is having his boy fun with Sheldon, Howard and Raj to bother sitting them down and settings them straight. 

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