The Big Bang Theory: Mayim Bialik Talks about Sheldon, Amy Kiss in Season 7 [KISS VIDEO]

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The fans' favourite Shamy couple finally kissed in "The Big Bang Theory" Season 7. The episode 15,"The Locomotive Manipulation," of the last season saw Amy [Mayim Bialik] and Sheldon [Jim Parsons] joining Bernadette [Melissa Rauch] and Howard [Simon Helberg] on a trip to Napa Valley. Amy had planned the trip to celebrate Valentine Day on a vintage train.

The Valentine day was turning out to be a major disappointment for Amy, as Sheldon was more interested in the train and talking to his new friend. Amy told Sheldon that she deserves romance after he said to her that she has probably tricked him, as they both were supposed to enjoy the trip.

In the episode, Sheldon became angry because of Amy's complain and her rude behaviour towards his new friend. He said to Amy that he is going to give romance. To show his romance, Sheldon gulped down a glass of wine, gazed into Amy's eyes, and then kissed her. At first, it was an awkward kiss but soon it looked like, Sheldon enjoyed the kiss. Later, Sheldon said that the kiss was nice.

Speaking about the kiss, Bialik said to Gold Derby, "It means a lot on two levels. It means a lot for the characters to be moving to that place after so many years. Especially the way our writers chose to do it was really elegant and really touching and beautiful."

"It also means a lot to the actors, for me and Jim to get to the place in our acting process where we're ready for that and our characters are ready for that. That's a very intimate moment," she said.

The writers at the Comic-Con revealed that they had also written another version of the kiss. The writing of the kiss scene turned out to be a stressful time for them.  

In the final episode of "The Big Bang Theory," Sheldon got bugged when Amy suggested that he move-in with her, as Leonard and Penny were planning to move-in, together. Overwhelmed with whatever was happening around him, Sheldon decided to board a train and leave Pasadena. He later called Amy from his undisclosed location and sounded happy. Steve Molaro, executive producer of the show, said at Comic-Con, "He didn't leave because of Amy, so I would argue that they have their own weird brand of happiness right now."

This year, Bialik has earned her third Emmy nomination for "The Big Bang Theory."     

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