‘The Big Bang Theory’: Jim Parsons has No Clue Where Sheldon Go

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There is much speculation about where Sheldon go in "The Big Bang Theory" Season 7.  Sheldon fans are also speculating that the quirky child-man never got on a train and must be living-off the land ---"I stop at malls and buy what I need. It's called living off the land," Sheldon said in Season Finale -- in Pasadena.    

Unable to cope-up with the changes happening around him, Sheldon decided to board a train and leave Pasadena, permanently. Like Leonard, Penny, Amy and fans, Jim Parsons, the actor who plays the hugely popular Sheldon, also has no clue where Sheldon go.

When TV Line asked Parsons about the possibility of Sheldon never getting on a train, the Emmy award winning actor said, "I never thought of that, but you're right -- he could show back up at home immediately, couldn't he?"

Parsons revealed that he asked the show's bosses about the location of Sheldon, but they did not tell him anything. "... nobody will tell me. I don't know if they know yet. They may know, but I really don't know if they do," Parsons said.

There were a string of reasons that made Sheldon overwhelmed, including Amy's suggestion that he and she could live together. Amy and Sheldon's relationship has gone through subtle changes and Sheldon kissed Amy on her lips in one of the episode in Season 7. What will happen to Shamy when Sheldon returns, perhaps gaining some practical wisdom.    

 "I don't know that we're headed for the bedroom or the altar any time soon. But, whatever... The writers have been so good with the pace of it, just bring more is all I would say," Parsons said to TV Line.

The question that everyone is asking is will Sheldon be a changed man in Season 8 of "The Big Bang Theory." As reportedly previously, Steve Molaro, executive producer of "The Big Bang Theory," said to Entertainment Radio , "If you look at the history of the show over the past seven years, they've all changed quite a bit. Its a slow change, that is how we like to do it. Everybody has really grown, Sheldon, Penny, Leonard..."

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