'Big Bang Theory' Fans Need to Stay Tuned for a Possible Move on Upcoming Season 8

By @definemaych on

The season 8 for TV's most watched, highest rated comedy "The Big Bang Theory" is well underway but with football season also starting the same time, there might be some possible changes. CBS Chairman Les Moonves has already announced that "The Big Bang Theory" will return during regular premier week but will be moved to a different time slot together with other Thursday night shows, according to E Online.

The possible move was discussed by executives of CBS, although the announcement for the new season may just be a formality as Dr. Sheldon Cooper will certainly not wait in the sidelines during football season.  Bazinga! This is a triumph for the show that one Favourite Network TV comedy last 2013 at the People's Choice awards.

This is a great sigh of relief for most "The Big Bang Theory" fans because they won't have to wait until November for the football season to end but instead they get to watch football and their favourite shows. Although for some who are already used to the regular Thursday night timeslot might need to adjust their schedule.  

The decision not to wait until November to air the eight season of the "The Big Bang Theory" was already expected by most fans as CBS will definitely lose some of its ratings that the show has brought to the network. Airing the Thursday night line-up on a different time slot and getting the bid for the Thursday game package of NFL is a major win for CBS.

Some speculate that it will be hard to return female viewers on the Thursday night line-up when the eight weeks of football night ends, but Moonves is dismissing the idea. "The male-female balance is not something we're in the slightest concerned about," said Moonves according to the Deadline.com.

Fans are already eager to watch the first episode for the new season 8 as it will unfold new and exciting twists and turns in the lives of the favourite nerd herd. Some speculate that the show will return on Monday next fall but the network has yet to comment on the recent changes brought about by the football season.

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