Bieber's Butt Worked: Justin Bieber Most Followed on Twitter

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The bare butt photo might have done the trick for Justin Bieber because the 18-year old has finally surpassed Lady Gaga as the most followed celebrity on Twitter. The entire pop star's effort of spending time on the social networking site has finally paid off. Lady Gaga can finally kiss the number one spot good bye.

Days after a photo of Bieber's bare butt hit the web, the number of followers on his Twitter account had surprisingly increased. Well, all thanks to that butt-cracking photo, Bieber has gained even more followers on Twitter earning him the crown of the Most Followed Person on Twitter.

Tuesday morning, the Canadian crooner had over 33,328,000 followers while Lady Gaga had over 33,327,000 followers. The numbers continued to fluctuate that day but to date Bieber hasmanaged to beat Mother Monster and continues to gain even more followers by the second.

Surprisingly, Lady Gaga had only joined the social media site a year before Bieber in March 2008. Still, the numbers say it all and Bieber has managed to overrun even Britney Spears with her last 2010 follower count.

While Bieber might have beaten Lady Gaga on Twitter, the Mother Monster still manages to reign over Facebook with 55 million. On the other hand, Justin Bieber's Facebook account has only 50 million likes. Though Bieber and Lady Gaga have nothing over Rihanna, RnB Princess wins over both singers on Facebook with 65 million likes.

The number of followers on Twitter for both Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga might just peak even more this year. All thanks to Justin's new album set for release on January 29, 2013 named "Believe: Acoustic" which is slated to be a "tell-all" volume on the famed split from Selena Gomez.

Lady Gaga is also prepped to release her album named "Artpop" later this year. This would only mean that Justin's top spot on Twitter as the Most Followed Celebrity would be taken over once more by Lady Gaga.

Maybe Justin should try showing off more than his bare buttocks to get more followers? That trick managed to lure in followers so who knows what a slight show of his package could do for his social networking account?

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