Bieber Takes Another Shot at Reality Star Named 'Mimi' [PHOTOS]


Justin Bieber is at it again with model turned reality star, Mimi Jensen. After rumors of the two hooking up late last month, sources confirm that Bieber is eager to shake up a second round with the model. What's new this time around? Is the 18-year old singer hoping for a real relationship with Mimi or is this another hit at the sheets?

Early last month before the famed "Jelena" split, sources confirmed Justin cheating twice on Gomez. Apparently, Victoria's Secret model, Barbara Palvin wasn't the only girl Justin had cheated on with. With headlines claiming "Bieber likes it Black", Justin had a quick tryst with a nursing student and model named Milyn "Mimi" Jensen.

Justin and Mimi were reportedly spotted together last year on December 21 in Bieber's Ferrari. Lil Twist was also in the car with the duo. The trio had allegedly made a stop at the Four Seasons Hotel where Bieber and Jensen had a "steamy romp."

"Justin surprised her by saying, 'I want to know if you taste good,'" said the source, adding, "He started kissing her cheek and ear and neck and then her whole body."

Of course, "Beliebers" know what happened after. Now, after the quick tryst, talk is that Bieber wants another round with Mimi. According to Radar Online, Bieber has been constantly communicating with Mimi to see him last Thursday night.

"It's obvious Justin really likes her because he's trying to hang out with her again," says the insider, adding that Bieber and Jensen "haven't seen each other since that night they were together but now that Justin is single he really isn't doing anything wrong."

Yet, chances of Bieber ever getting a second round with Mimi are slim. The model has said to signed up with Oxygen's "Bad Girls Club" reality show.

"Mimi heard about Justin trying to ask her out again and told her friend she would have loved to have another chance with Justin but she has already started filming in Miami," claimed the source.

As for Justin Bieber, the Canadian crooner is calling all the rumors complete "BS." Would this hold true for the other controversies the singer is currently involved in such as getting caught with Codeine?

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