Bieber Plans: Collaborating with Kanye West, Basketball Movie, Mother’s Day Tribute

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The 18-year-old Canadian singer is busy as a bee.

Despite having a few negative comments from getting in the ring with Mayweather, nothing is stopping Justin Bieber from getting to the top. Sources say Bieber is currently working on collaboration with Kanye West, filming his next movie and creating a mother's day song for his beloved mom.

In Twitter, everything gets spread to a tenfold within seconds. So when news broke out about Justin and Kanye West hitting the studio together, fans quickly tweeted all about it. Fact is, Kanye West will be laying a track for Justin in his album, "Believe". In a quick chat with MTV, Justin opens up about the music both are currently working on.

"Basically, [Kanye] was just talking about going out of the box and doing things that are different," said Justin.

"'And he's like, 'I want to just make you cool.' He wants to just basically do records that people wouldn't necessarily think I would do," continued the singer.

While singer, Usher, may be Bieber's mentor, Kanye West for the 18-year-old is a different inspiration altogether. According to Justin, Kanye west has "boundless talents" and that West is "so creative".

 "Everything he says, he means it, and he's just really smart ... I think it's always great to get into the studio with those people," gushed Bieber.

"He never gave me advice on my rapping, but every rap record that I played him, he's like, 'Yo, that's your best one!' He's never said, 'I don't like that.' He's always been super supportive."

Apart from creating hits for his album, it appears that Justin is busy with his film career as well. Justin's next film which will be about basketball is set in the works. He'll be acting alongside Mark Wahlberg.

"I'm still working on this movie with Mark Wahlberg," shared the Bieber in an interview.

"I don't know what the deal is. Turns out they're rewriting the script or something, trying to make it fit better and stuff."

The cast is said to include Paul Newman and Tom Cruise. While there has been no update about the movie's plot, Justin is all about ready to hit the court and practice shooting his hoops.

"It's really cool," said Justin. "Hopefully I'll be able to do that as well soon. So I'll be hooping. I got to get back in the gym. I haven't played basketball in a while. I did like a little charity basketball game at Shaq's house for Pencils of Promise. We did a little charity basketball game, and I won."

With Mother's Day around the corner, momma's boy, Bieber, already has his present covered. Also revealed on Twitter, Justin opened up on his plans for mother, Pattie Mallette.

"like i said on @mtv im gonna release the song i wrote for my mom #TurnToYou end of this week for Mother's Day to raise money for charity," tweeted Justin, May 7.

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