Bieber Hits the Bar With Babes And Beer: Underage Drinking Triggers Investigation

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Pop star Justin Bieber may just be 19 but this has not stopped the Canadian crooner from hitting up a few bars. Not only was he snapped with a bottle of beer but reports claimed the young singer was also seen spanking some babes at a stripper club. Thanks to his bad behavior, Texas authorities have started to look closely with underage drinking.

This "Baby" singer might be an influence for underage drinking. Over the weekend, Bieber was seen partying along with friends at the NOX Houston while holding a seemingly bottle of Dos Equis beer. TMZ was the first to release the photo.

For those who have been living under a rock, the legal drinking age in the U.S. is 21. Bieber, aged 19, has been illegally served beer at the club. With the photo that surfaced, the police started an investigation which might cause the club owner to pay a big fat fine or getting his bar's license revoked for selling liquors to minors.

But Selena Gomez's ex-boyfriend was once again cleared from any charges given he "wasn't caught in the act" as if a photo wasn't good enough as proof. Apart from getting involved in underage drinking, Bieber was also seen hanging out in another club. This time he was seen doing some "spanking" to one of the ladies. The singer allegedly spanked the butt of one stripper at the club named Diamond.

"He Touched My A** I Almost Fainted," stated the tweet which was followed up by, "He Was Like Its Real !!"

This was not the first time Bieber had his hands on a stripper. In an an earlier report, he was reportdely had his face inching close to a woman's gigantic assets. Check out the photo here.

The young singer is having the time of his life: hopping bars, drinking beer and getting with the babes. It looks like a rumored reunion between Bieber and Gomez isn't likely to happen.

Gomez is currently focusing on her music, fans and upcoming movies.

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