Bieber-Gomez Shocking Act: Jelena Caught on Video 'Snorting Cocaine' - Report

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Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been caught on video taking drugs, new media report suggested. The two love birds were seen snorting cocaine at 1 Oak in Los Angeles, reported by In Touch citing a secretly filmed video.

"They got caught doing lines. The video is pretty dark and fuzzy, but someone's trying to get paid for it. They didn't care who saw them partying," a source close to the couple reported, according to Ocean Up.

News for Selena and Justin doing drugs were not new as previous reports suggested Justin has convinced Selena in the past to get into smoking cocaine. cited Selena was convincing Justin to shed his bad boy image and the duo was even spotted attending a Bible study at a local church.

Justin reportedly promised Selena he will leave his partying habits and will change for good, especially now that the couple is together. It seemed the Jelena couple was treading the right path. Reportedly, ever since Selena has been spotted with Justin, he has not been embroiled in any controversy.

But with the new drug video, it was not sure if Justin and Selena were seriously trying to move in the right direction. Justin is already caught in many legal troubles and has several cases pending against him in two different countries.

Selena had her stint in rehab at the start of 2014. She had been avoiding her trouble-making boyfriend for quite some time. But she always falls back to Justin after few months.

According to, the "Baby" singer has plans to show his commitment to his long-time girlfriend Selena and possibly buying Selena's engagement ring at Nialaya Jewelry. The duo is expected to move in together in a new condominium in Beverly Hills, the Web site added.  

The two have been spotted hanging out with each other a lot in the past few weeks. Justin invited Selena to attend his dad Jeremy Bieber's birthday party and she happily accepted the offer to be the part of the family.

Justin has been flaunting Selena's presence by posting various pictures of them as a couple online and later deleting them. 

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