Bieber Bawls: Justin Bieber Mourns Loss of 11-Year-Old Fan

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Former Disney star, Selena Gomez may have enjoyed dissing ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, during her interview with David Letterman. Both stars talked about Bieber where they indirectly called him a "cry baby." For one, Bieber is definitely crying now but for one reason of which involves the death of a fan.

Whatever the press may say about Bieber, there is one thing sure about the 19-year old singer - Justin has got a big heart. On the untimely death of Bieber's fan, Briana Tejada, Justin made sure she felt the love. Justin started a social media campaign mourning the death of his 11-year old Cancer-stricken fan, Briana Tejada.

"Just got news about little Briana," stated Bieber on his Twitter, adding, "I was honored to meet her. I know she is up in heaven smiling. #ripBriana #love"

Briana's family, who happened to have Twitter accounts as well, thanked Bieber for his support.

"Thank you Justin. Our family and specially us parents are very grateful. #ripBriana #love #justinforbriana," stated Briana's family.

Justin Bieber took notice of the reply and said, "Meant what I said. She is smilling down from heaven. :)"

This does not count as the first time Briana's name trended on the social networking site. Back in January 18, Briana Tejada had met her idol for the first time. The hash tag, #JustinForBriana, trended worldwide when Briana had met Justin backstage during his Nashville concert. The parents of Briana had described the meet as a "dream come true" for their daughter.

Briana had even received the "best kiss" from Bieber of which was posted on her family's Facebook and Twitter account. Before Briana and her family had time to tweet all about the meet, Justin had made two shout-out videos for Tejada.

"I just wanted to say my prayers are going out to you and your family," said Justin, adding, "Thank you so much for believing in me and being a big fan. And I'm your biggest fan, and I love you so much."

In this time of mourning, "Beliebers" are giving out their entire support for Briana's family and their idol, Justin Bieber.

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