Beyonce's Fans Want Beyonce to Skip Kim & Kanye's Wedding, Start an Online Petition [SEE HERE]

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Beyonce' fans are definitely not the fans of Kim Kardashian and do not want the Queen Bey to even attend the famous Kimye wedding which is going to happen sometime in future. The fans of Beyonce  can go to any extent to stop the singer.  Beyonce's fans are so determined that they are signing the petition to keep her from attending Kim and Kanye's upcoming wedding.

"Kim Kardashian and her disgusting family are known for their rise to fame for doing absolutely nothing," reads the petition statement on the Titled "BEYONCE CANNOT ATTEND KIM KARDASHIAN'S WEDDING: Spread this petition with everyone you know!! Beyhive you know what you have to do ( is the complete title).

The notorious petition, which will definitely put Kim Kardashian and her clan to shame, has been started by one Los Angeles resident John Barry.

"Aside from being a famous w***e Kim has decided to get knocked up by notorious jackass Kanye West and now are planning to get married. Now we must do all in our power to stop Beyonce from attending that god forsaken wedding, since her husband Jay Z is BFF's with Kanye he problaby [sic] wants both of them to go," reads the petition statement.

"Beyonce should not be forced to go and sit thru that torture while surrounded by the Kardashian pig," the statement continues. "Beyonce do not go to that wedding you dont have to do it to please that w***e and her jackass fiance. Do us a favor Bey and rain check that train wreck of wedding."

The author then also offers some really good excuses Beyonce could make to Kimye to avoid attending the wedding which includes her extending the Mrs. Carter Show, Blue Ivy getting a flu and telling Kimye that she has a meeting with the President and the First Lady.

Ever since Kanye West first started dating Kim Kardashian some time back, rumor mills were churning about Beyonce not getting impressed with her best friend Kanye's choice. However the mother to Blue Ivy even publicly congratulated the Kimye couple where their baby North West was born in June.

The petition is way too nasty but yes but quite amusing too. In a short span of time the petition has reached 100 signatures and is expected to gather more as Beyonce fans have earlier too made it clear that they do not want to see the singer with the socialite Kim Kardashian. Are you going to sign it?

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