Beyonce: Super Bowl 2013 A “Proud Day for African-American Women”

Why Super Bowl 2013 “A Proud Day for African-American Women”


Super Bowl 2013 is an evening for history books as it showcases talented and amazing African-American women , bringing “A-game” to the highly watched annual sports event.

Beyonce has taken to her Tumbler page following her spectacular half-time show at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome and posted a note on her page, praising fellow artists who have delivered a great performance Sunday.

She said: “What a proud day for African American women!!”

The 32-year-old R&B singer then pointed out how the night has been a historical moment following the talents showed by Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keyes, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams.

On an evening when a 30-second commercial cost upwards of $4 million, it was Jennifer Hudson, a black woman, along with the Sandy Hook Choir, who sang “America the Beautiful.”

Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce called JHud in her Tumblr note gave an oustanding opening number of “America the Beautiful” capturing the audience’s heart as she serenaded with the Sandy Elementary School chorus.

Alicia Keys impressed millions of fans at the New Orleans Superdome with her great rendition of the “The Star-Bangled Banner.” Though Beyonce was described as the most amazing, her production number with former bandmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams has not gone unnoticed.

Beyonce noted: "You are all beautiful, talented and show so much class!"

The singer then said that she could not be happier to be on stage with them.

She added: “It was an honor to perform at the Super (B)owl with you phenomenal ladies.”

Beyonce's Note on Super Bowl 2013 as a "proud day for African-American women"

The singer was not alone in giving thumbs up to her fellow artists.

Liane Membis of The Root said the performance made by the ladies is the “epitome of sisterhood.”

She said, “... Kelly and Michelle's support of Beyoncé by singing their own rendition of "Single Ladies" was the epitome of sisterhood, while Jennifer Hudson's heartfelt opening (along with the ironic similarity of her own tragic loss to gun violence) exemplified the internal strength and grace that exists within the African-American female's heart ...”

Michelle Bernard of the Washington Post underscored how these ladies made a great impact on the sports event.

“Five intelligent, beautiful, well-respected, and phenomenally successful black women made the evening — power outage and all — an evening for the history books,” Bernard said.

She added, “Shortly after the half-time show, the Ravens’ Jacoby Jones returned the opening kickoff with “a record 108-yard kickoff return for a score.” It was a history-making evening that all Americans should be proud of.”

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