Beyoncé Shows off Baby for the Second Time in Leaked Photo, a Carbon Copy of Jay-Z [PHOTOS]


No more Photoshops on what the features of Hollywood's most famous baby would look like. Just more than a year after her birth, Blue Ivy gets another debut. And this time, she proudly faces the world.

Apparently, a photo of Blue leaked from Beyoncé's upcoming HBO documentary, Life Is but a Dream, airing on February 16.  

Knowing Beyoncé to be extremely private when it comes to her personal life, this is just the second time fans are getting a (much-awaited) good look on the little one, since the songstress shared photos of her arrival last year.

In the photo, Beyoncé is holding Blue, dressed in a white crochet dress, and lovingly gazes at her with pride and joy. Now a one-year-old, Blue looks just like her father, Jay-Z, with some even saying that the precious baby girl has his nose and lips.

Blue will make her official debut in the documentary produced by her mother, which is expected to showcase more never-before-seen photos of her. It would also dive deep into the life of the 31-year-old superstar, including shots of her baby bump to disprove rumors she faked it, as well as talks on the miscarriage she suffered before conceiving Blue Ivy, apparently the lowest point in her life.

In a recent interview with Oprah, the pop star also opened up on the possibility of having a second baby.

"I definitely want another child, but it is also important for me to do what I love. I love to perform. I love to make music. I wanted to have my daughter, and maybe after this next tour, I'll have another baby," she gushingly shared with Oprah

She also said in the interview that she is looking forward to the Mrs. Carter tour and plans to bring Blue Ivy along and show her the world.

Beyoncé's world tour reportedly kicks off this April, with her fifth studio album on the way.

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