'Beyonce is Pregnant,' Details Revealed, Scoop Reportedly From Lil Kim's Pal --- Report

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Beyonce and Jay-Z perform "Drunk In Love" at the 56th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California January 26, 2014.
Beyonce and Jay-Z perform "Drunk In Love" at the 56th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California January 26, 2014.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have been battling rumours regarding their marriage; from cheating scandals, divorce rumours and now Beyonce's alleged pregnancy. But the couple had remained tight-lipped preferring to show their marriage is not on the rocks through their "On The Run" tour. However, a new report has added to Beyonce's pregnancy rumour by revealing a source who claimed the diva is indeed expecting baby no. 2.

Beyoncé is pregnant, according to Media Take Out. The couple is reportedly celebrating a new addition to their family while on their "On The Run" tour. The site revealed they have "100% facts" that can prove the "Queen Bey" is expecting. A source, who is said to be Lil Kim's close friend, reportedly gave the details.

According to the source, Lil Kim was backstage during the couple's "On The Run" concert in New Jersey on July 13. Lil Kim had reportedly told her and some other people that "Bey's pregnant."

The source further claimed that "Kim bought a bottle of champagne for her old friends Jay and Bey - but Bey didn't drink any. Kim asked her 'what's going on are you...?' and before Kim could finish Beyoncé just started smiling and said 'yes.'"

Media Take Out also claimed a snitch told them that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are planning on making the big announcement on their "On The Run" tour. The site even went as far as posting the diva's photo during one of her performances to prove that she has already grown a baby bump.

The tabloid claimed if Beyoncé dances almost every night during her tour then she wouldn't be having the bump. Further assuming her grown belly is not from fat but because she is pregnant.

Star Pulse examined Media Take Out's speculation. The site claimed if the rumour is true, then Beyoncé would only be a few months pregnant when she and Jay-Z end their "On The Run" tour in France. Additionally, the pregnancy would reportedly also explain why the couple has decided to do few tours.

If the pregnancy rumour is confirmed, then Media Take Out hoped it would save the couple's marriage.

However, Jay-Z and Beyoncé has remained silent on matters pertaining to their marriage. They have neither denied nor confirmed any of the cheating, divorce and now the pregnancy rumours. Their representatives have also chosen not to comment.

Source: YouTube/Clevver Music

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