Beyoncé Nip Slip on Grammy Awards 2014? Twitter Reactions and Viral Photos Plus Video [WATCH]

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Beyonce Poses Backstage After Performing at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles
Beyonce poses backstage after performing at the 56th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. REUTERS

Beyoncé nip slip was a trending topic for a while, until word spread that it was all some visual trickery, thanks to the diva's performance outfit at the Grammy Awards 2014.

Beyoncé wowed fans by singing her hit single "Drunk in Love" while flaunting her curves in a steamy chair dance number. The single is part of Bey's self-titled album, "Beyoncé." Her husband Jay-Z joined her mid-way through the sexy number, dialling up the heat on stage. The act set the mood on the 56th annual Grammy Awards.

Wearing a Nichole de Carle bodysuit and Stuart Weitzman heels, Beyoncé's risqué number polarized the Grammy Awards viewers. Some quickly criticized the nip slip tease in the suit's design. Others thought it was a nice wink to those waiting for a wardrobe malfunction.

On Twitter, some netizens are saying the "Drunk in Love" number is just another twerking variation. For others, Beyoncé was amazing and she's still got it as "Queen B."

The Beyoncé and Jay Z Grammy performance photos and video clips have gone viral on social networks. Scroll down to watch the clip, which was posted multiple times on YouTube.

Despite not seeing a real Beyoncé nip slip at the Grammys, the pop diva and Jay-Z were quite stimulating on stage. The "Drunk In Love" lyrics, as well as the hot couple's intimate motions on stage, did more than a quick nip slip could do to many people's imagination. Twitter users point out such observations with accompanying photos.

"Y'all got fooled. It wasn't Beyoncé's nipple, it was a part of her outfit," tweets @TimahBeverly. See the posted Beyoncé photo here.

"Beyoncé didn't show her nipple you guys, it's part of her outfit! Y'all really did try to catch her slipping tho," tweets @OUTof_SPACEbaby with this photo.

Off stage before the performance, "Sasha Fierce" proved to be one of the most glammed up artists for the gala. This tweet shows Beyoncé gamely posing on the Grammy Awards 2014 red carpet.

Many fans thought Beyoncé's and Jay-Z's Grammy performance was the best part of the evening. See this tweet and the accompanying photos.

What is going on with Beyoncé's hair, some people ask. Here's a Twitter-posted response: "Beyoncé was supposed to have water coming down in her performance which is why her hair was wet," from @Beyoncé_posts.

The steamy performance was labelled "Fifty Shades of Beyoncé" in many social media posts. This tweeted photo shows how Jay-Z placed his hand on Beyoncé's behind.

WATCH: Beyonce feat. Jay Z ('Drunk In Love') on the 56th annual Grammy Awards (2014)

Vogue Magazine also lauded Beyoncé's overall style and vibe while delivering "Drunk In Love" at the Grammy Awards. See the photo that the magazine tweeted.

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