Beyonce Lip Sync Scandal: Music Artists React to Defend the Singer [VIDEO]


Talented singer Beyonce is currently under scrutiny regarding her performance of the United States National Anthem in lip sync during President Barack Obama's inauguration.

Several music artists immediately reacted to defend  Beyonce against the scandal on performance and vocal ability.

Country singer Leann Rimes backed up Beyonce's situation on such high-profile ceremony. 

"I'm actually taking up for her on this one. There are times when people will ask you to do it and they will not let you do it unless you do it because they want control over what happens," Rimes told TV host Jimmy Kimmel during an interview.

Singer and dancer Jennifer Lopez expressed her opinion to support Beyonce and her alleged lip syncing in an interview on "The Daily Show."

"In certain venues and stuff, they do prerecord things because you're going to have that terrible slapback. All performers do have to do it at some point," Lopez stated.

Grammy winner Alicia Keys and Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams also came to Beyonce's rescue.

"With big crowds and echoes, you know when it's a big historical moment and you don't want any room for any mistakes so I can understand why it was done," Williams told Entertainment Tonight.

In an interview at United Kingdom's Capital FM, Alicia Keys stated:

"What I do know is that Beyoncé is a great performer and she's an incredible artist with a really, really powerful voice. The one thing that you cannot doubt is that she can sing. She absolutely can sing. All the rest of the 'whys' or 'whatever,' we know that she can deliver and she did deliver that song really beautifully."

Even legendary singer Aretha Franklin admitted that she "cracked up laughing" upon hearing the lip sync reports on Beyonce. According to ABC News, Franklin still believes that Beyonce did a wonderful performance on Monday's important event.

An anonymous member of the US Marine Corps band originally confirmed on Tuesday the pre-recorded vocal performance of Beyonce during the inauguration. However, a spokesman released a statement that contradicts the initial claim.

"Regarding Ms Knowles-Carter's vocal performance, no one in the Marine Band is in a position to assess whether it was live or pre-recorded," the spokesman said.

During a recent briefing, Press Secretary Jay Carney jumped in the bandwagon of lip sync reactions about Beyonce's performance.

"What I know about this mostly from what I've read, shockingly it has not all been consistent. I actually have no idea what's true and what's not or about what happened here," Carney declared.

Meanwhile, the White House and Beyonce are still keeping mum over the inaugural lip syncing scandal.

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