Beyonce, JLo and Kim Kardashian Move Over: Meet the Queen of Butt Selfies, Instagram Celebrity Jen Selter

By @Ze_Charm on

Jen Selter has definitely taken the internet by storm; the newly coined "Queen of Butt Selfies" has quickly garnered hundreds of thousands of followers on social media outlet, Instagram. Surely the likes of Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian are upstaged by the new queen of 'belfies' (butt selfies) who is none other than Instagram star Jen Selter.

 Being 20 years young, Jen Selter has definitely grown to become an overnight celebrity. The Instagram celebrity, who has almost four million in following, already has a feature in none other than the fashion bible "Vanity Fair" and two fitness deals on the table.

Jen Selter loves what she does; the 20-year old global social media icon has inspired many people to hit the gym across the board. The Queen of Butt Selfies, a moniker she has earned due to all of the daily pictures she posts on INstagram that has catapulted her into being a sought-after fitness model, is often lauded for becoming the first Instagram famous to grace the cover of a very reputable magazine. In fact, Selter might be the first woman to be discovered through the picture-sharing site.

The success of Jen Selter, however, comes with many criticisms and derogatory comments.

 "There are days were I can get a comment talking about how ugly I am followed by another comment from another person telling me how much I have inspired them; the latter, of course, overpowers the first comment," says Selter in an interview with Huffington Post.

"The negative comments don't really affect me; the positive comments, on the other hand, are amazing," Selter further revealed to Huffington Post. The overnight celebrity definitely knows how to keep her calm despite the flow of negative comments.

Vanity Fair has also brought to the surface another issue that Jen Selter has seemed to generate in the public. In the featurette in the magazine, writer Carimah Towne clams that the popularity of Selter's booty perpetuates the idea that curves are the "in" thing in fashion-thereby effectively dismissing women of color who have long sported such curves since time immemorial.

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