Beyonce and Jay Z’s Body Language at the VMAs Spells Marriage Trouble, Expert Claims [VIDEO]

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Just when people thought Beyonce and Jay Z effectively killed any lingering doubts about the strength of their marriage at the MTV Video Music Awards, one expert claims their body language clearly suggested that was just a ruse.

On Sunday, the music power couple squashed rumours that they have been on the verge of splitting by just one kiss.

Jay Z took their 2-year-old daughter Blue Ivy on stage to present Beyonce the Michael Jackson Vanguard Award. The 32-year-old songstress broke down in tears as she accepted the award from her family, kissing her husband on the lips and her daughter on the cheek.

For viewers, they appeared to be a happy and loving family, and any doubts lingering about their marriage have been put to rest.

However, a body language expert insists that there is still trouble in Bey and Jay’s marriage paradise, as evidenced by their movement on stage.

Susan Constantine, a body language expert from Florida, U.S., told the NY Post that the emotional scene appeared to be cooked up by their P.R. consultants to specifically refute the rumours.

“I see a lot of hurt and pain here,” Constantine said. “They’re just trying to save face. They feel no emotions toward each other.

She added that Beyonce’s body language indicated that she might be going through emotional trauma that hasn’t reached acceptance stage yet.

When Blue Ivy’s hands clasped together in a prayer-like way, Constantine analysed it as the toddler’s plea to get her parents back together.

In the video, though, it was clear that Blue Ivy’s hands looked as such because they were set to clap for her mum.

The “expert” insisted, though, that the girl appeared uneasy, and Beyonce was comforting her on stage.

“I see this sense of sadness. It’s almost like Beyonce is looking at her going, ‘It’s OK.’ And the baby is saying, ‘This doesn’t seem right.’ Children are very perceptive.”

As for Beyonce herself, Constantine thought, “She’s giving a false smile.” Because if the multi-award winner were really happy, her eyebrows would be lifted and her eyes would be more open, the expert told NY Post.

Beyonce’s hand was also blocking her stomach area, which apparently indicated she was feeling vulnerable, while her hips are angled away from Jay Z, which Constantine interpreted as disassociation from him.

“In [older] photos, you see Beyonce leaning into her husband.”

Contantine called Jay Z’s face “flat,” saying, “There’s no expression whatsoever.”

If Jay Z was happy for his wife, the corners of his mouth would be upturned. Although he wasn’t as excited for Beyonce, Jay Z was “less strained” than her.

“Neither one of them is looking at each other,” Constantine observed, referring to the husband and wife team. “Their interest is more in their daughter.”

Their body language wasn’t just the only alleged indication of their impending split, though.

According to MediaTakeOut, an “extremely reliable” source who worked at the VMAs witnessed Beyonce yelled at Jay Z backstage the show after learning that her sister Solange was banned from their dressing rooms.

Solange, whose infamous elevator fight with Jay Z was made public, was barred from entering the whole backstage area, but it’s unclear who made the request, Jay Z or MTV.

“Beyonce had her whole area backstage. It was like five dressing rooms in one corner so there were no cameras and no one in there other than her people and us [the MTV personnel],” the insider said.

“Beyonce was arguing with security asking about Solange. I always thought that Beyonce was very soft spoken, she’s not. She was in the [security guard’s] face.”

When Jay Z came and tried to calm down Beyonce, she turned her attention to him.

“Jay tried to calm her down, but she started yelling at him, too. She wasn’t really yelling, but she was talking mad. Her neck was twisting, too, like she was giving him hell.”

The snitch continued, “Beyonce then walked away, and everyone was quiet. It was very awkward to see Bey act like that towards her husband.”

Beyonce and Jay Z married in April 2008. Reports of their marital rift began circulating after the footage of Jay Z and Solange’s elevator fight hit online.

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