Beyonce and Jay-Z Split: Why Queen B is Upset with Jay- Z

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Here is some good piece of news for Beyonce and Jay-Z fans. According to entertainment website, Beyonce and Jay-Z are going through a rough patch but are not officially separating.

The reason for Beyonce's and Jay-Z's relationship woes is probably their hectic tour schedules. It has been reported that Bey was not able to give time to Jay-Z as she has been busy with Mrs. Carter Show world tour.

A source revealed to that," Beyonce is upset with him, but it is stress from her tour that really is making her go a little off the rails. The "Love on The Top" singer is anticipating the Christmas holiday for the family to be together. They are not separating."

Beyonce and Jay-Z have been married for five years and have a daughter named Ivy. We guess that soon they will be able to sort out their relationship issues for the sake of their daughter. Also going on a holiday together will give them time to understand each other.

It has also been reported that Beyonce wants to have a second child with Jay-Z. A source exclusively revealed to that, " The couple is not separating. On the contrary Bey wants to extend the family."

Kids are generally a unifying factor for couples. Beyonce's and Jay-Z's daughter, Blue Ivy is one of the reasons why the couple is sticking together in spite of the troubles. And once a new addition comes to their family, there will be more reasons for the couple to be together.

We are happy to know that Queen-B is trying to build on her relationship with Jay-Z as we will not want the hottest couple of Hollywood to split.

Let us know what are your thoughts about Beyonce's plan to have a second baby.

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