Beyonce & Jay Z Reports: Rapper Surrenders Privacy, Queen Bey Enforced Party Ban

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Beyonce Poses Backstage After Performing at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles
Beyonce poses backstage after performing at the 56th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. REUTERS

To stop all the nasty rumours that surrounds her once quiet family life, Beyonce allegedly tells Jay Z to stop partying after the infamous elevator video leaked around the net showing sister Solange attacking the business mogul. The video's aftermath has seen the Queen Bey accused of cheating with her bodyguard, Julius de Boer, and Jay Z cheating with Rita Ora, Rihanna and VIP hostess Casey Cohen.

A good girl gone bad, Beyonce is taking charge for what it seems to be a never ending cheating rumours and apparently enforced a party ban on her husband, according to Independent. The report reads: "In a move to prevent any more embarrassing mishaps, Beyoncé has reportedly told Jay to quit his partying ways, including nights out at his own New York club 40/40."

Now that the A-list couple is under tight scrutiny, the "Drunk on Love" performers can't afford to have more bad publicity now that they are set to kick off their upcoming tour "On The Run." Based on Life & Style June issue posted on Fashion & Style, the "Crazy in Love" singer had enough of the lies and left no choice but to divorce Jay right after their much anticipated tour.

"The infamous lift video is something Bey would rather forget. To get her own back for all the rumours, which Jay has denied, she's making sure he avoids situations that could cause similar embarrassment," a source told Now magazine in an interview.

"Bey hit an all-time low after all the drama. She's so torn right now - she adores her sister just as she does her husband. Jay wants things to work so he's agreed to her plan. It's a tough time for them, but they're both determined to ride out the storm," said the source. "Jay's still head over heels in love with Beyoncé. He doesn't care if she takes a peek at his phone from time to time."

The couple was spotted last week in NYC after the diva spent some time with Solange at the red carpet event of Chime of Change. The reunion was the first public appearance of the two sisters after the elevator brawl back in May.

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