Beyonce & Jay-Z Divorce Update: Set for Silent Break-up; Gwyneth Paltrow Comes into Picture

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Singer Beyonce
Singer Beyonce performs at the BRIT Awards, celebrating British pop music, at the O2 Arena in London February 19, 2014. REUTERS/Toby Melville

Beyonce seemed ready to part ways with husband Jay-Z. The R&B star reportedly had a talk with bestfriend actress, Gwyneth Paltrow, about the looming possibility of ending her marriage with Brooklyn rapper, Celebrity Laundry reported.

It has been an emotional setback for Beyonce who reportedly was having a rocky relationship with Jay-Z. Celebrity Laundry cited Beyonce spent a two-day spa retreat with Paltrow to get away from the press and reevaluate her current marital distress.

Beyonce and Jay-Z have always presented themselves as a perfect couple in public. But the alleged flirting of Jay-Z with Rachel Roy at the MET Gala after-party drove Beyonce enraged. Not to mention her sister Solange about her husband's betrayal, but the negative publicity it produced.

"The whole world was allowed to view the 'real' Beyonce and Jay-Z, not the perfectly composed couple that they always present themselves as. What's worse, the whole world also knows that Jay-Z may or may not have flirted with Rachel Roy with everyone at the MET Gala afterparty watching," Bobby Fischer of Celebrity Laundry reported.

"This means that not only is Beyonce furious about her husband's possible betrayal, but she's also upset at being embarrassed in the media."  

Seeking Advice From BFF

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There were speculations that Beyonce might have sought some advice from Paltrow on how to deal with her current dilemma. 

"They [Paltrow and Martin] are also technically still living together and seem to be getting along pretty decently. So why isn't there any nastiness? Well, it's not because Gwynnie and Chris are better people than the majority of those that divorce. It's more like they don't want the truth getting out," according to Celebrity Laundry.  

Several followers believed Beyonce wanted to pattern her silent divorce with Jay-Z with that of Gwyneth and Chris.

As a big star, Beyonce can't afford to get her career ruined by the backlashes of a failed marriage, so the breakup with the rap star should be done without generating much publicity.

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