Beyonce-Jay Z Divorce Speculations: Queen Bey Discovers HOV With ‘Sexy Groupies’ Backstage During On The Run Amid Cheating Reports- Reports


Are Beyonce and Jay Z really getting divorced? Rampant divorce reports are freaking out fans of the "Drunk in Love" singers. The power couple has been making headlines over divorce and cheating rumours. Several media outlets are speculating split after their ongoing joint tour, "On the Run." Meanwhile, the latest update suggests that tension between the two has only escalated after Beyonce discovered Jay Z (aka HOV) with groupies backstage during their tour. Head inside to find out the details.

Citing the claims of print edition of Star Magazine, Rap Basement reported about Beyonce's latest "meltdown" during their "On the Run" tour. The sources revealed to the magazine that Queen Bey had a "major" showdown backstage with her husband Jay Z. Beyonce reportedly lost her temper at the "constant flow of sexy groupies" who keep following Jay Z backstage.

Jay Z "had all these women in his room, and Beyonce ordered everyone out," revealed a "tour insider." According to this insider the couple on the joint tour "have separate but adjacent dressing rooms."

Beyonce "called the women cockroaches and said they need to be fumigated. She gave death stares to every person as they filed out one by one," the source further revealed.

Previously, In Touch magazine reported that romance between Jay Z and Beyonce "is over." Citing the claims of the magazine, Inquistr reported that Queen Bey is mindful of all the rumours about Jay Z "fooling around" and she "can't take it anymore."

The report notes another incident involving Jay Z and female fan that left Beyonce seething with anger. The source told the magazine that Queen Bey saw a "blonde nuzzling into Jay Z's chest." The songstress even saw Jay Z "whispering something into her ear." This only worsened the matters for the couple.

Rapper Jay Z has been romantically associated with several women from Hollywood and beyond. Also, this is not the first time Jay Z and Beyonce have been surrounded by divorce rumours. However, these reports remain unconfirmed until a credible source issues an official statement confirming couple's split.

Meanwhile, Page Six is reporting that the Jay Z and Beyonce are trying to "figure a way to split without divorcing" each other. The report revealed some shocking truths suggesting that the two of them are not wearing their wedding rings anymore and Blue Ivy was given birth in order to make things better. At the moment, the hip-hop couple is travelling with marriage counsellors. It is said this could be Beyonce and Jay Z's last tour together as "the end of tour could officially spell the end of the marriage," according to the source. What do you think? 

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