Beyonce-Jay Z Divorce Drama: On the Run Couple is ‘Strictly Business’; Rapper's Despairing Measures to 'Save Marriage'- Reports

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Beyonce and Jay Z continue to rule the hip-hop world with their hot-selling performances of their ongoing joint tour "On the Run." At the same time, the long-time couple has been slammed with split speculations. Fans have been freaking out over the buzz that has left everyone shocked. According to the latest update, the couple will "address" the hearsays running rampant when the tour ends in September. Meanwhile, another report suggests that Jay Z is taking steps to "save marriage." Read on to find out the details.

A source told New York Daily News that Beyonce and Jay Z are only putting up a "happy family act" amid their tour. The couple has been "advised" to do so in the eyes of social media and paparazzi. The source revealing the inside bits to New York's widely circulated daily newspaper is reportedly "close pal" of the couple. Expect "a joint statement" by the couple "addressing" the divorce rumours in "late September," suggests the source.

Beyonce and Jay Z began their "On the Run" tour on June 25, 2014 after winding off their solo tours "The Mrs Carter World Show Tour" and "Magna Carter World Tour." The couple is putting up 21 shows in total in North America and Europe. The tour ends on September 13, 2014- that is when their split is speculated to happen.

"Let's leave it at it's only a matter of time (until they split.) It's so obvious now it's embarrassing," the source told New York Daily News.

Furthermore, the source reveals that by the end of the tour the couple will "make a choice on whether they want to separate or admit trouble."

The report notes some shocking revelations made by the source. The source claims that the power couple has been "fooling their fans for two years now." It is reported that they maintain a relationship, which is "strictly business."

The publication reports that another friend of the couple says that the couple will soon "address" the matter because Jay Z is 'so over it.'"

The News also claims that problems between Queen Bey and Jay Z stem from rapper's "extracurricular activities with other women."

As a cover up, the Web site claims the couple has been "advised on how to look like they're together." With each "negative report" they are reportedly asked to respond with their daughter Blue Ivy's picture. A source reveals that they are a "case of damage control."

For a long time, Jay Z has been rumoured to be involved with several women. Many names emerged including Rihanna's, Rita Ora's and reality star Casey Cohen's. However, none of the affairs were confirmed by the women involved. Addressing the issue of Rihanna-Jay Z affair, a source told Hollywood Life that Jay Z is like a "father figure" to the songstress. He has helped her in becoming the "star" that she is today.

At first many thought Queen Bey and HOV's split news is only hearsays spreading like a wildfire. However, many media outlets are now talking about Beyonce and Jay Z divorce drama.

A report by British daily newspaper Daily Mail claims that Beyonce and Jay Z's "marriage has been a carefully orchestrated affair." However, the report reveals that Jay Z is looking forward to a "five-week" getaway with his wife and daughter in order to save his troubled marriage.   

The source told Mail Online that "Jay Z adores his daughter Blue Ivy and he wants a sibling for her." What about Beyonce? As per the source, she is unsure of "what she wants to do." "Drunk in Love" rapper reportedly wants to "spend some time alone together" with Beyonce and try to "work it out."

The source reveals that Beyonce is facing "some trust issues with Jay." Source to Mail Online also claims that troubles in their marriage have long persisted, since the time their daughter was born, who is now two-year-old. However, in the absence of any official statements from couples or their reps, these reports remain unconfirmed.

Meanwhile, New York Post reported that Beyonce was spotted looking for an apartment alone. The report notes that Queen Bey was looking at $21.5 million Chelsea penthouse, which the source speculates is for Beyonce and Blue Ivy. But Jay Z and Beyonce's rep refused to confirm the news to The Post.

Jay Z and Beyonce got married in 2008 and were blessed with Blue Ivy in 2012. Currently, Queen Bey and HOV are touring at the West Coast. In September the couple is scheduled to head to Europe for their joint tour "On the Run." Their last performance will take place in Paris.

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