Beyonce and Jay Z Divorce Drama: Queen Bey and HOV’s ‘$100 Million’ On the Run Tour Might be Called Off- Report

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Power Couple Beyonce and Jay Z are currently on their hot-selling On the Run tour. At the same time, the king and queen of hip hop are surrounded by marital problems and divorce rumours. Several media outlets suggest that the couple is expected to end their marriage or announce their split when the tour ends. However, the latest report claims that Queen Bey and HOV's tour may be called off before its scheduled end.  

Initially, Beyonce and Jay Z divorce and cheating report seemed like rumours running wild. However, day after day, various publications are releasing reports claiming to reveal the bitter truth about Queen Bey and HOV's marriage. According New York Post's celebrity news Web site Page Six, the issue of Beyonce and Jay Z's "rapidly imploding marriage" compelled them to call an "emergency meeting." The Thursday conference was reportedly attended by the couple and those involved with the couple in conducting their concerts including Live Nation, HBO and at least four lawyers.   

It seems that the trouble in their marriage has put the tour in danger. According to the report, the tour administrators "fret" that the couple's "$100 million" joint tour "might be cancelled before its scheduled finale." Beyonce and Jay Z kicked off On the Run Tour on June 25 and the tour is nearing its climax. However, the report suggests that amid the divorce rumours officials remain unsure about its future.

Before heading to France, the hip hop couple is scheduled to perform at San Francisco on Aug. 5 and 6. However, a source tells The Post that "this may not make it to San Francisco."

"I'm definitely not sure that they'll make it to Paris," the source adds.

The report further notes that things between the two "have gotten so bad" that the couple is "living separate lives even on the tour."

According to Page Six report, Beyonce and Jay Z have gone as far as taking "separate hotels" and "arriving separately to their shows." One of the major problems in Queen Bey and HOV's marriage is reportedly rapper's "controlling nature."   

According to the source, the couple is already discussing about their post-split interviews.

"...and Jay's been adamant that he doesn't want Beyoncé sitting down with Barbara Walters or Oprah Winfrey pretending to be the victim," the source told Page Six.

There are multiple reports about the couple's alleged divorce circulating around. However, in the absence of any official statements from those who are involved or couple's reps, it remains unconfirmed.

At the same time, the songstress has been quite active on social media sharing precious moments of her life with millions of her fans. She has been posting adorable pictures of her family. Recently, she uploaded a cuddly picture of her and Jay Z on Instagram. It shows Jay Z embracing her during one of their "On the Run" performance in Seattle. This is one of many idyllic family pictures that she has been posting regularly, lately.

Last week, New York's widely circulated daily newspaper, New York Daily News reported that the couple is putting up a "happy family act for paparazzi and social media." Furthermore, a source told the publication to expect a "joint statement" by the couple "addressing" the divorce rumours in "late September."

A report by British daily newspaper Daily Mail claims that Queen Bey and HOV's "marriage has been a carefully orchestrated affair." However, Jay Z is reportedly taking some "desperate measures" to save the marriage. He is reportedly planning to take Blue Ivy and Beyonce on a "five-week" getaway.  A source told the publication that Jay Z also "wants a sibling for" Blue Ivy.

This report comes after the report by New York Post that suggested Beyonce is looking for an apartment "without Jay Z." The report added fuel to the divorce rumours. However, Beyonce and Jay Z's reps refused to confirm the news to The Post. Thus the news should be treated as not confirmed.

Jay Z and Beyonce first collaborated for their 2002 hit song "03 Bonnie & Clyde." The couple married six years later in 2008 and were blessed with Blue Ivy in 2012. Queen Bey and HOV end their much-talked about On the Run Tour on Sept. 13 in Paris. 

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