Beyonce: Her 'Illuminati' Side Revealed in Documentary [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

What We Love about Beyonce from "Illuminati" of her Other Self in "Life is But a Dream" Documentary


Singer Beyonce Knowles has been the focus of the successful documentary aired on HBO, featuring her journey: from her struggles to her emotional journey in life, the painful experience of cutting ties from her father as manager, the deep friendship with her husband Jay-Z and the life with [or not having any of it without] daughter Blue Ivy.

As earlier reported by the IBTimes AU, Beyonce has always been guarded and overly protective of herself and her family. As seen by critics and close friends and family, the 32-year-old singer has always been calculating and in control of her every moves, always avoiding making any public mistakes leaving her under close scrutiny of media lenses.

But the 90-minute documentary offers a representation of Beyonce that most of her fans, and even close friends and family did not know about her.

The specials has captivated its audience. Oprah Winfrey interviewed her shortly before the airing of the film and after attending the premieres of "Beyonce: Life is But a Dream" when released on HBO on February 16, Saturday, the media mogul described it as "fiercely empowering." Oprah also pointed out how the film has made an impact on her when she said, "she shocked me, I was in tears. ... She did an amazing job... I think this documentary is a game changer."

Beyonce's 'Illuminati' side when revealed has indeed changed not only how she is viewed by many. In the very "revealing" self-produced documentary, Beyonce had let us enter her world, and walked the road less traveled as the audience threaded the path she had, as shown in the film.

There was a lot of crying, singing, and dancing in the film. There were a lot of sequences in the film people never thought they would set their eyes on. People have seen how vulnerable Beyonce could be as she spoke about her miscarriage. People fell in love with her as she talked about her "intense love and admiration for husband, Jay-Z. Beyonce has inspired women to love themselves as she does her own when she would appear on the computer-camera, looking radiant even if she had just got off from her bed, making them wonder how she could look good with nicely-done hair at the wee hours in the morning.

The documentary has let her fans and critics alike to laugh with her as she discussed how "friendship has been a key to a deep and great relationship" between her and husband Jay-Z. The couple has topped Forbes' "Powerful Couple of 2013." The audience fell in love with them when they sang in tune of Coldplay's "Yello" when they celebrated Beyonce's pregnancy.

The viewers felt her pain when she also talked about her decision to cut professional ties with her father. She explained she "had to let go" in order to maintain "boundaries."

Beyonce moved the audience as she got too personal talking about her adorable daughter, Blue Ivy and most, especially moms resonated with her when she emphasized that "[she] could not imagine life without Ivy."

Produced by Beyonce herself, Bill Kerstein, Lee Anne Callahan-Longo, the documentary starring Beyonce and her family has allowed us to see a side of Beyonce like most have never seen before, as if letting everyone step into her own home.

Free full video can be found here.

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