Beyoncé Flashes ‘Illuminati’ Symbol at Super Bowl [PHOTOS]


Beyoncé just finished her most-talked about halftime performance at Super Bowl, but keen viewers were quick to notice a sign she made after performing on stage.Could she be part of the secret society, Illuminati?

Twitterverse is exploding with Super Bowl news and reactions, but apart from that, Beyoncé is also trending after her highly anticipated halftime performance. After being on the news about lip-syncing, Beyoncé is out to prove herself. Not only did she give out a show stopping performance, but she also made sure she sang live.

The crowd went wild at the halftime opening seeing her silhouette on the big stage. After that, the lights were on and the famous singer started with her "Love On Top" track. Rumors about "Destiny's Child" reunion were also confirmed. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams literally popped up on stage to join Beyoncé perform with their chart-topping hit "Bootylicious."

After her performance, Twitter was bombarded with a hash tag that says #BeyonceSuperBowl. Without a doubt, everyone who tuned in was left dumbfound by the star's spectacular show on stage. But that's not the only thing that the audience noticed.

Tweets about Beyoncé flashing and Illuminati sign is also invading Twitter and the rest of the online community. Even before the show, some Twitter users were criticizing how Beyoncé looked, dark and having "Bin Laden eyes."

"Wake up 2 the truth. Beyonce is an illuminati subliminal messenger. Keep ur eye out for the devil in her performance tonight," a Twitter user named @candifornia posted.

"Was I the only person that saw people in that crowd by the stage throwing up illuminati right after Beyonce was finished singing??" @Bhassi21 posted.

Surely these are all speculations, but what do the triangle sign really mean? And why did Beyoncé do it? The answer to that is, no one knows, but as far as the internet community is concerned, Beyoncé did flash the unmistakable Illuminati symbol.

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