Beyonce Blasted on Social Media for 'Risque' Grammy Awards Performance, Wearing Less Clothes [VIDEO/PHOTO]

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Beyonce and Jay-Z perform "Drunk In Love" at the 56th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California January 26, 2014.
Beyonce and Jay-Z perform "Drunk In Love" at the 56th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California January 26, 2014. REUTERS

Beyoncé kicked off the 56th Annual Grammy Awards with her winning husband Jay - Z in the sexiest way possible by wearing a really short pair of shorts and doing moves that were quite hot and steamy! The 33-year-old mother to Blue Ivy sizzled on "Drunk in Love" but her moves were not quite appreciated by parents worldwide who blasted Queen Bey on social media platforms. However, the celebrities were on Beyonce's side and the reviews on her "risqué" performance have been mixed. Let's find out who said who.

"HOLY SH-T BEYONCE you aren't even a woman anymore you are the world and you are the lord," wrote Lena Dunham on Twitter appreciating Beyonce's performance.

"It's so weird but me and my husband look just like Beyoncé & Jay Z when we're dancing and grinding. Timberlake was right #mirrors #crazyhot," Kelly Clarkson said about Queen Bey on Twitter.

"@Beyonce is the absolute QUEEN. She had every right to tell us to bow down. Forever my idol. #surfboard," wrote Ariel Winter on Twitter.

However there were many parents group who found Beyonce was scantily dressed and should have refrained herself from showing off her sexy assets on a show that was supposed to be aired on National Television.

"If you're at the Grammys then please dress appropriate. *cough cough* Beyoncé. Children watch this show. I hope your kids don't see this," wrote a mother, Sage Destiny, on Twitter, referring to Beyonce's sexy outfit.

"Come on people!! Yeah Beyoncé has an amazing voice but that outfit?!?!?Completely no class. Give children something to look up to #absurd," a Twitter user Katie Stapp blasted the performance of Beyonce.

"Watching the #GRAMMYs at 8pm with my children(music lovers) performance by Beyoncé and her lack of clothing very inappropriate, she's a mom?," wrote another parent Maria Sanz on Twitter as she felt uncomfortable watching Beyonce's performance with her children.

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Watch Beyonce and Jay Z perform on "Drunk in Love" at the Grammy Awards and let us know if you think her performance was too risqué or inappropriate? Should Beyonce, a mother herself, now dress down and tone down her performance? What are your views?


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