Beware of Flappy Bird: Clones of Famous Game Phishes Out Personal Details and Money?

By @Ze_Charm on

The viral game has been making rounds over the Internet after issues have cropped up by frustrated players. Developed by Vietnamese based Nguyen Han Dong, "Flappy Bird" has since taken the Android and Apple market by a storm. However, despite raking an average of 50,000 dollars for advertisement revenues a day, developer Han Dong decided to monumentally take down the game, claiming that it got just "too addictive."

However, despite the public removal of the most downloaded game on Android and iOs systems, many fake and cloned games have cropped up to ride on the "Flappy Bird" craze. According to reports, the cloned games look exactly like the original one-only that it phishes out personal details of those who download it and also sometimes induce people into sending expensive text messages. The cloned apps are most especially rampant in countries such as Russia and Vietnam.

While the original game was available to everyone for free, unauthentic versions of "Flappy Bird" usually consist of a Premium Service Abusers scheme-which basically send messages to premium numbers, causing unsolicited charges for the user.

Meanwhile, the creator Han Dong has been receiving various death threats in regards to his taking down of the game. Interviews of the creator had to be done in private as the latter feared for his life after many frustrated and vengeful players of the game vowed to look for Dong and kill him. Some even went to the extent of calling Dong the Devil himself, as his app is certainly 'too addictive'-with news that some players killed some members over the game and where gadgets were basically destroyed out of sheer frustration.

In addition, according to the Daily Mail, a mobile threat analyst named Veo Zhang confirmed the dangers of downloading fake versions of "Flappy Bird" by saying, "Our analysis of the malware revealed that through this routine, the malware sends text messages and hides the notifications of received text messages with certain content."

So the next time you try to download that forsaken game, make sure to be ready of the consequences.

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