Beverly Hills Cop Sues for Retaliation After He Reported Detective’s Ogling at Whitney Houston’s Naked Body at Death Scene (VIDEOS)

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Sargeant Brian Weir, a Beverly Hills cop who reported an ogling incident at the death scene of singer Whitney Houston, filed a lawsuit against the city, claiming retaliation.

While the ogling detective, Terry Nutall, has been promoted, Mr Weir claimed he has been denied promotions and other benefits since the reporting incident.

He recalled that Mr Nutall lifted a white sheet that covered the dead singer's naked body at the death scene and then remarked, "Damn, she's still good looking, huh!"

Mr Weir said the detective lifted the sheet to an area below Ms Houston's pubic region and stared while almost touching the dead singer's body.

After he reported what happened, Mr Weir said he was removed from the SWAT and K-9 units.

Ms Houston was found dead in a bathtub at a Beverly Hills hotel room in 2012. Coroners said it was accidental drowning due to cocaine use and heart disease.

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