Bevan Chuang’s Criminal Past And Dragon Baby: Getting To Know Auckland Mayor Len Brown’s Mistress

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There are a few people in New Zealand who still don't know who Bevan Chuang is. The woman at the centre of Len Brown's sex scandal is hitting the headlines since she revealed her two-year affair with the incumbent Auckland mayor on Tuesday. But even before her explosive expose, the 32-year-old Hong Kong-born Ms Chuang was no stranger to controversy.

Chuang isn't just a politician's ex-mistress who is wreaking havoc to Mr Brown's mayoral career; she is also a well-known figure in the Chinese community who has chaired different boards. Her active involvement in the community would have led to a fruitful political career for her.

Sadly, though, all her contributions and achievements would not be what people would remember of her, but the scandal she has helped create.

Her major role in the affair has got people digging for her past, and what they found aren't all positive.

In January 2012, she was just an Auckland Council ethnic panel board member who was looking to become a mother of a dragon baby.

She made public with her desire to give birth to a child born in the Chinese year of the Dragon, which started on Jan 23, 2012 and concluded on Feb 9, 2013.

Chinese astrology believes that the dragon is the most auspicious sign in the astrological cycle, and babies born in that year are destined to become successful.

As she was already 30 years old then, Ms Chuang was desperate to become impregnated in just a couple of months so she could give birth that year. Otherwise, she would have to wait another 12 years for the cycle to repeat, and by then she would already be 42 years old.

So she advertised for sperm donor to help her fulfil her goal, but as she had not fallen pregnant during that time period, it's safe to assume that her baby project wasn't a success.

Nevertheless, her unusual quest had landed her appearance and interviews in various media, including television and radio programs.

But while her motherly mission had raised some eyebrows, it was her criminal conviction past that is considered a juicier issue.

She had been working as a personal assistant to the head of public programming at the Auckland War Memorial Museum for three years, but was made redundant during a restructure in 2008. The day when she was let go, she logged into the museum's internal system under Dr Vanda Vitali, who was responsible for the restricting, which led to over a hundred staff losing their jobs, including Ms Chuang's.

Although she did not open any emails, she had sent a text message containing the log-in details to another employee who was also made redundant.

" it outside so no one can check your IP address," she had sent an SMS message to her co-accused.

As reported by NZ Herald, Ms Chuang was charged with unlawful accessing a computer system. She later pleaded guilty, and was fined $1000.

Ms Chuang is said to be currently in hiding to avoid harassments from the public and from the team of Mr Brown's failed mayoral election rival John Palino.

So what's next for her?

Word is that she is being offered to become a porn star by the journalist who broke her affair himself. Stephen Cook, who ran the original story on the blog site, is propositioning Ms Chuang to star in a reality-type show that aims to find the next top porn star in New Zealand.

Mr Cook is involved in launching a $25,000-contest to find "New Zealand's Next Top XXX Model," and Ms Chuang has apparently "taken a very keen interest in it."

Fairfax News NZ reported that Mr Cook claimed to have naked pictures of Ms Chuang, though he did not say if Ms Chuang herself gave him the photos or that a third party supplied them for him.

Ms Chuang, on the other hand, said that the reporter suggested that she star in a porn re-enactment of her affair with Mr Brown. The offer was $50,000 for a porn film, and $25,000 for "soft porn."

She rejected the offer.


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