'Better Call Saul' ‘Not’ Another 'Breaking Bad,' Aaron Paul Teases Jesse Pinkman’s Return

‘Better Call Saul’ ‘Not’ Another ‘Breaking Bad,’ Aaron Paul Teases Jesse Pinkman’s Return
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Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul, may appear in the prequel of AMC's cult drama series "Breaking Bad," which is called "Better Call Saul." This new show is set in a time when Saul Goodman had not met Walter White and Mike Ehrmantraut was not dead.

As previously reported, Paul is in talks with Vince Gilligan, creator of "Better Call Saul," to discuss the possibility of reprising the role of Pinkman. Recently at BAFTA Television Awards, the actor said to the press that he would like to play the role of Pinkman, again.

"[I'll be in it] if they'll have me," Paul said, as quoted by Digital Spy. "It's a prequel, so it'd be nice to play Jesse Pinkman again in his happier times."

Also, Paul indicated that "Better Call Saul" is not "Breaking Bad" and he thinks that the new series is going to be great. "I went into the writer's room a few weeks back and just hung out with everybody there," the actor said to Entertainment Wise.

"I took a peek on the boards on the wall to kind of get a glimpse of what the whole story is about. It's not going to be another Breaking Bad and that's fine. It's a prequel and it just follows the Saul Goodman character and I think it's going to be very exciting to dive deeper into his world," Paul added.

He called Bryan Cranston his mentor, adding that he has learnt a lot from him. Paul said, "... I've grown so much as an actor and I know this sounds cheesy but I've grown so much as a man just being around him. I've learnt so much and I love him."

Paul would love to work with Cranston, again.

Meanwhile, Anna Gunn had said to E! Online that she has heard rumours that she will be reprising the role of Skyler White in "Better Call Saul." If Pinkman was the much loved character, the fans did not hide their hate for Anna's character. It will be interesting to see both the characters in a time when Walter White was just a milquetoast Chemistry teacher.  

"Better Call Saul" will be filmed in Albuquerque, the New Mexico. 

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