‘Better Call Saul’: Bryan Cranston Likely to Reprise his ‘Breaking Bad’ Walter White Role

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The online sphere is abuzz with news that Bryan Cranston is likely to star in the prequel, the spin-off, of his cult drama series "Breaking Bad." The prequel, "Better Call Saul," is set in a time when Saul Goodman had not met Walter White.

AMC's "Breaking Bad" wrapped-up with the death of Walter White, the milquetoast chemistry teacher who turned into the most-dreaded drug kingpin, Heisenberg. Since "Better Call Saul" is a prequel, Walter White can be shown alive and in his chemistry teacher avatar.

Citing a source, Hollywood Life has reported that Cranston will "definitely" be returning to the small screen.  "With the new show coming and the possibility of flashbacks or flash-forwards, there is going to be something with Walter White," the source said to Hollywood Life.

"They won't do it as a gimmick, it will actually mean something when they do it. Definitely expect the return of Walter White in some way, shape or form in the new show."

There are rumours that Walter White might have survived and he is well and alive. Without confirming the rumour, the source said to Hollywood Life that they have options to bring back Walter White and it will be done in an "awesome" way.

Recently, Cranston teased that one should "never say never" when he was asked if Walter White dodged his death. In an interview with CNN, the actor said, "Hey, you never saw bags zip up or anything."

Meanwhile, Vince Gilligan, creator of "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul," is worried that the spin-off may turn out to be a mistake.

At The Hollywood Report's roundtable, Gilligan said, "I am worried ... it may turn out this was a mistake to do this. If it's 'After M.A.S.H' rather than "Frasier" it won't be for a lack of hard work and wishful thinking, but you just don't know until the world takes it."

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