Best and Worst of Windows Phone

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Windows Mobile was one of the smartphone OS available dated back in the 90s and basically runs PDA devices. Unfortunately, the OS turned out to be a disaster and became a deserted system within such time. Windows Phone came back with new style, new features, and new system to join the competition of mobile OS in the market. It is in the fourth position challenging Android, Blackberry OS, and iOS for global domination in the mobile tech industry.

Best Features of Windows Phone

Fluid, Smooth and Responsive - Windows Phone devices are very fluid, smooth upon touch, and highly responsive in almost every way possible. Switching between orientations is easily sensed by these devices as if reading your mind. The OS itself shifts from one application to another with seamless transition.

Uniqueness - Live Tiles and overall interface provided by Windows Phone makes it unique from Android, Blackberry, or iOS. These tiles display applications and acts as shortcuts with customisation features as well. Notification can also be hidden if desired, showing icons or other stuffs as if in full screen mode.

One-Point Only - It is the same thing with iOS which is straightforward to its operation and features. Minimal controls and commands needed to most parts of the device, making sure that users will enjoy more with the speed, performance and interface.

Enterprise - Windows Phone is under the same ecosystem of Windows OS in computers which means everything else in Microsoft is usable in any Windows Phone such as Live Messenger, Skydrive and Skype.

Minimal Hardware Needed - Unlike Android devices, Windows Phone is lightweight even the devices with single-core 800MHz processors. The mobile OS does not eat up much memory and does not overrun the function of the CPU, retaining speed and fluid response.

Worst Features of Windows Phone

Notifications - Live Tiles is a positive thing but it acts to a specific app for giving alerts. The notification is basically accessible from the top part of the screen and there is no other way to view it aside from the Live Tiles. iOS have their own groupings for notifications and Android can use customisable alerts from bubbles to pop-ups for notifications.

Small Ecosystem - Windows Phone is new to the arena even if it has existed back in the 1990s as Windows Mobile. Unlike Android and iOS, Windows Phone has a limited number of games and applications for downloads and sometimes, regional discrepancy applies, in contrast with the other two OS whose downloads are global.

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