Best And Worst Features of Samsung Galaxy S5

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Crystal Edition Teased Online; Tipped to Debut in May
A new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone is displayed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Reuters

Galaxy S5, Samsung's latest flagship smartphone, is one of the most awaited phones of 2014 that packs countless interesting features and enhancements.

The attributes that distinguish this smartphone from the competitors include battery power-saving mode, access restriction option, impressive streaming experience and the introduction of the new "Kill Switch." Also, the camera is a huge upgrade from the previous year, and the phone's performance is better than before. 

Best Thing About Galaxy S5

In the previous year, when Galaxy S4 was launched, invariably all the eyes were fixated on the massive display screen setting a standard for many other handsets in the future. But this year, Samsung took the expectation to the next level by providing a striking and an effective display with its latest offering in Galaxy S5.

Samsung Galaxy S5 sports a 5.1-inch screen with a Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen display (full HD).

According to BGR, the front panel spreads the same number of pixels across a larger canvas than Galaxy S4. The result is a slight drop in the pixel density from 441 ppi to 432 ppi but that slight deviation cannot be perceived by the human eye. The new panel on Galaxy S5 is brighter than its predecessor. Also, the colors are more prominent and the contrast is quite impressive.

Raymond Soneira, display analyst who tested Galaxy S5 in-depth, found Galaxy S5 is 22 percent brighter than Galaxy S4.

He added Galaxy S5 has the best smartphone display Samsung has ever produced.

Worst Features of Galaxy S5

Samsung's competitors like Apple, HTC, LG and Sony use premium-build materials on their handsets' exteriors, while Samsung uses plastic material lacking solidity and vigor. Similar to its predecessors, Galaxy S5 looks and feels cheap. Even though Samsung phones look plastic-like, the price of the phone is nothing less to its competitors.

When it comes to plastic-looking phones, Nokia Lumia series cannot be ignored.  Although Nokia uses plastic-like materials for its flagship phones, it doesn't look inexpensive. It looks like any other premium phones in the market. The other observable problem in Galaxy S5 is the back panel sporting a textured pattern.

Without a doubt, Galaxy S5 offers some of the best features and specifications and users might be willing to ignore this design disadvantage of Samsung handsets. But the premium look of an iPhone 5S or a HTC One M8 cannot be ignored.

As Zach Epstein from BGR (funnily) puts it, "I typically loathe smartphone cases, but the Galaxy S5 is a $650 smartphone with a look and feel that might actually be improved when you cover it with a $10 plastic case."

Samsung is apparently working on a new smartphone with premium material that could see the light in the near future. 

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