Best Mayan Calendar Jokes and Memes, People Find 'End of the World' Funny [SLIDESHOW]

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Some take the end of the Mayan calendar seriously, while some find it as the perfect excuse to make jokes and internet memes about it.

The Mayan calendar and its predictions of the world's end have been stirring up people's beliefs from all over the world. It has caused dialogues and discussions from scholars, government sectors and officials, scientists, and yes, even humorous internet meme makers and comedians.

According to the calendar, December 21 will be the "rebirth" after a 5125-year cycle, and drastic changes will happen, including the probable end of the world. Because of this, theorists are going madly obsessed with the possibilities that can happen to the human race, disregarding religion and politics in terms of laying out their beliefs.

While some are preparing for what seems to be the end of days, others are simply "shrugging it off" and making the best out of the "impending doom" by creating memes. These "sighs of relief" cheer not just those who seem to believe the happening, but to skeptics as well.

Start the slideshow to see some of the funniest Mayan calendar memes all over the web.

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