The Best Jennifer Lawrence Memes [PHOTOS]


"Hunger Games" fans are having one hell of a celebration with the latest win by the star of their series, Jennifer Lawrence. Apart from celebrating Lawrence's big win at the Oscars, memes have already taken over the web of Lawrence epic and hilarious tumble at the Oscars. Take a look at them all here.

After being nominated back in 2010 for Best Actress and losing to Natalie Portman, Jennifer Lawrence has finally been able to win the award for Best Actress at this year's Oscar Academy Awards. However, things didn't go too smoothly at first.

At the start of the event, Lawrence had been interviewed at the red carpet by E Online's Ryan Seacrest. Known for her foot in mouth comments, Lawrence had hastily talked about starving and looking for grub to eat. During the event when Seth McFarlane sang about "boobies", Jennifer's name was mentioned to which she of course entertainingly danced to as well.

Yet, that doesn't summarize the night for Lawrence. Upon announcement of the award for Best Actress, Jennifer Lawrence had gone up to the stage but had tripped halfway. Thankfully, Bradley Cooper and Hugh Jackman run to the rescue. Once on stage, Lawrence's acceptance speech was quite amusing which went as follows.

"You guys are just standing up because you feel bad that I fell down," stated Lawrence.

Obviously, nobody felt bad for Lawrence. Judging from all the tweets on Twitter from celebrities like Harry Styles and Demi Lovato, they knew that Lawrence deserved the win. Still, with the win in place, Lawrence memes have begun to spam the web from her epic fall on stage to flipping the bird.

Check out the slideshow to see the top Jennifer Lawrence memes.

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