Best Actress Jennifer Lawrence Trips on Stage [PHOTOS]


While there are many iconic events at the Oscar Academy Awards 2013, Jennifer Lawrence has once again taken it by storm. The "Silver Linings Playbook" star had successfully taken home the gold for Best Actress however suffered an embarrassing fall on stage. This would definitely add up to Lawrence's most hilarious memes ever.

Known for her foot in mouth comments and interviews, Lawrence definitely knows how to make a statement and she definitely made one at the Oscar Awards 2013. Headed to the stage to accept the win for Best Actress, Jennifer Lawrence dressed in a dazzling Dior gown, had hilariously fallen flat on her face.

"You guys are just standing up because you feel bad that I fell down," said Lawrence in her acceptance speech, making the crowd go wild with laughter.

After losing the award for Best Actress to "Black Swan" star, Natalie Portman back in 2010, Jennifer Lawrence has finally made her revenge with this year's wondrous win. The iconic golden statue can now rest happily among Lawrence's other famous awards of which include the Golden Globes Award for Best Actress and Independent Spirit Awards for the same category as well.

With the Oscar fever still high in the air, Jennifer Lawrence's win and fall on stage will continue to be the talk of the town. Of course, a lot of memes would also hit the web for this "Girl on Fire." Take a look at the slideshow and see Lawrence's golden moment - winning and falling for grace at the same time.

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