Bentley Toone: 2-year-old Toddler Uses FaceTime to Save His Injured Mom after Dog Attack in Arizona

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Allowing the 2-year-old toddler Bentley Toone to use tech gadgets and apps became helpful in saving his injured mother, Laura. The young boy used the FaceTime app to call for help in order to save his mom who got badly hurt from a dog attack in Arizona.

According to the BuzzFeed report, Laura Toone took her foster dog for a walk in Tucson, Arizona when another dog came to attack her pet. Laura tried to stop the dogs fighting but she ended up getting bitten and then started to lose a lot of blood making her feel that she is about to lose consciousness as well.

"I begged my daughters to call 911 and they're four and they were quite afraid to even touch the phone because it was covered in my own blood," the mother revealed to ABC News. Fortunately, Laura's brave son, Bentley, arrived just in time to save her.  

Laura recounted: "Here comes my son from the kitchen bringing me our dish towel. He wiped off the blood himself and proceeded to call my friend on FaceTime." How did young Bentley learn to use the app?

The reports revealed that Bentley Toone was always using the iPhone and the toddler became famous for using the app to make FaceTime prank calls on Laura's friends so they usually ignore the calls. However, Laura's friend Connie Guerrero revealed she decided to answer the call for some reason that day.

 "Something inside of me just told me that I needed to answer this FaceTime," Connie Guerrero shared. When she answered the call, Connie recalled that all she could see was Bentley's forehead.

"I said, 'hi, Bentley,' and it was quiet for a little bit and then I hear Laura screaming," Connie shared. Hearing the screams made Connie realize that something terrible happened so she immediately dialed 911 for assistance.

The firefighters arrived at Bentley's home and the young boy was waiting at the door to let the rescue team in. Now, Laura Toone revealed that the incident made her teach her child how to dial 911 and ask for help when emergency situations like this happens.

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