‘Benjaman Kyle’ Mystery: 10 Things to Know About A Man's 8-Year-Long Search for Identity

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A man believed to be 64 years old has been in a desperate search for his identity for eight years now.

"Hello. My name is Benjamin Kyle. You don't know who I am. And quite frankly, neither do I," says Benjaman in a documentary produced to find someone who might recognize him.

'Isn't there anyone important enough in your past life that they want to look for you?' Benjaman asks. (Image from short film by John Wikstrom)

10 Things to Know About Benjaman Kyle

1. Benjaman was found lying naked and bloodied behind a Burger King dumpster in Georgia in 2004. He had no ID or memory of how he got there. He somewhat remembers his first name is Benjaman. He came up with "Kyle" for a BK initials, i.e. Burger King.

2. He was diagnosed with retrograde amnesia, with no recall of his personal details. But he was sure of his birth date. (See Q & A below.) He is the only person in the U.S. missing persons list whose whereabouts are actually known.

3. The FBI has tried to help him, but his fingerprints and photo found no match in any database, including files of missing persons.

4. Benjaman has made TV appearances, particularly on Dr Phil, in a bid to be seen by family or friends. Age-regressed photos of him were shown, but did not help.

Image seen in Dr Phil (U.S. reality TV show)

5. Florida State University filmmaker John Wikstrom produced a video to spread awareness of Benjaman's plight. He also started the 'Grant Benjaman Kyle a New Social Security Number' petition to help him establish a new identity. Nearly 17,000 signatures are still needed for the White House to even consider it.

6. Reddit has a question-and-answer page for him. Below are sample Qs & As:

Q. How do you know how old you are?

A. I was born ten years before Michael Jackson. I remember that distinctly.

7. He may be from - or have worked somewhere in - Indianapolis or Denver.

Q. Have you been back to Indianapolis?

A. I'd like to go back and just walk around, other than just looking around on the internet. Dr Phil talked about doing it, but they never did.

8. After Wikstrom's documentary was released, Benjaman received a special Florida state identification card. A local restaurant also hired him.

9. Benjaman was allowed to stay in an air-conditioned shed after the short film came out. He used to sleep in a field.

10. It seems no profiler has an extensive report on Benjaman. But he knows this: "A police officer in Georgia once suggested, in jest, that since they cannot find me in the records, that I was never a criminal or that I was just so good at it I never was caught."

Benjaman Kyle Short Film: In Search of Personal History and Identity

"Isn't there anyone important enough in your past life that they want to look for you?" Benjaman asks.

One can hardly imagine living without an identity for a day. No home, no family, no memory. Benjaman Kyle has lived this strange life for eight years now, and he manages to smile. How has this man lost everything?

For more information, visit http://www.findingbenjaman.com.

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