Bengal Tigers in China Zoo Foil Suicide Attempt of Depressed Man Who Want Them to Eat Him Alive (Video)

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Depressed over the sorry state of his personal life, a man in China's Sichaun province jumped into a zoo cage filled with a pair of Bengal tigers and tried to feed himself to them. But the tigers said "No, thank you we just had eaten." The man sustained only minor scratch wounds.

Yang Jinhai climbed a tree and jumped into the tigers' enclosure on Sunday at the Chengdu Zoo amidst a throng of stunned visitors. Yang reportedly performed exaggerated movements, spending 20 minutes in a vain attempt to tempt the tigers to eat him.

"He climbed up the outside of the cage and jumped inside expecting, I assume, that the tigers would pounce on him. Instead the two tigers, a male and a female, seemed more nervous than anything else and the female actually ran off," eyewitness Feng Lin said.

"He then tried to antagonise the tigers by pulling faces at them. Eventually he was attacked by the male where he was cut after being scratched and bitten before he could be rescued by zoo keepers who fired a tranquilliser dart at the male tiger."

Yang's family said the 27-year-old had been depressed for a long time. They said he had been taken to a home where he underwent psychiatric counselling to cope with his problems.

Yang, a former factory worker, only sustained "16 minor wounds."

Good thing the tigers had eaten. He is still lucky, according to a zoo official.

Zoo staff tranquillised the animals so that they could rescue Yang. The tigers only scratched and dragged him by the neck but still declined to make a meal of him.

See the foiled crazy suicide attempt here:

Video Source: YouTube/ HOTTESTViralNews

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