Ben Affleck Stars as 'The Sad Batman' - Latest Meme Craze on the Internet

Ben Affleck
Director Ben Affleck holds his best picture award for his film "Argo" at the 2013 Vanity Fair Oscars Party in West Hollywood, California in this file photo taken February 25, 2013. Affleck was banned earlier this week from playing blackjack at the Hard Rock casino in Las Vegas because he was "too good," a source close to the Oscar-winner said on Friday. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok

Recently, Zack Snyder tweeted a photo taken from the upcoming "Man of Steel" sequel where Ben Affleck is seen wearing the Batman costume. The dim, stony, and shadowy photo of Batman sparked another fire from Internet users to create one of the latest memes "The Sad Batman."

Irish journalist Will Hanafin started the Sad Batman meme craze when he used the hashtag #SadBatman on the newly revealed photo from Snyder. Immediately, social media users caught up with the photoshopping frenzy, and made different versions of the gloomy-caped superhero.

The Sad Batman is a photoshop meme based on a black-and-white picture of Ben Affleck posing as a glum-looking superhero on the set of the upcoming Batman and Superman film. The meme includes an edited cutout of Affleck's Batman into the background of various images that fits his lonely pose.

Zack Snyder, director for the upcoming Batman and Superman film tweeted the first picture of Batman beside his Batmobile from the filming set on May 13, 2014. Within 48 hours, the photo garnered over 44,000 retweets and over 24,000 favorites.

The photoshopped pictures show Batman's seemingly grumpy pose situated in various scenes. Batman was placed in swimming pools, social gatherings, special events, and to any kind of occasion. People of the Internet still continue making Sad Batman memes a few days when the Sad Batman hashtag trend started.

When Ben Affleck was announced as the new Batman to the Man of Steel sequel, comic book fans, and hardcore movie goers immediately lambasted on the news. Most of the people's negative comments say that Affleck may do a repeat performance of his previous Daredevil superhero portrayal. While there are others who believe the public may be surprised when Affleck makes a good portrayal of Batman when the new superhero sequel hit theatres on 2016. View Zack Snyder's first tweet from the filming set of Batman, and some of Sad Batman memes spread over Twitter's Sad Batman results page.

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