Ben Affleck Explains 'Kicking Paparazzis,' Stepped Out Beardless after Oscars 2013 [PHOTOS]

Argo Director, Ben Affleck Says Papz Were Scaring his Daughter, Seraphina

  on March 04 2013 12:57 PM

Academy-award winning director, Ben Affleck has had a run-in with the paparazzi barely a week after winning the Best Picture category for his controversial film, Argo.

He was doing a daddy-duty, walking his daughter Seraphina when they were greeted with a massive group of photographers.

Photos of the actor swinging his legs emerged on the web with reports that he was kicking the photographers who were “too close for comfort” before that father-and-daughter duo.

A source close to the A-list actor explained that he had no intention of kicking the photographers and he swung his leg only to demonstrate how far the paparazzis should be and not come close to their faces.

Before the controversial leg-swinging, Ben apparently asked the photogs to back off, saying "You need to be this far away," said TMZ, since they are scaring Seraphina. When the plea landed on deaf ears, Ben reiterated his request swinging his legs.

The Pearl Harbor actor was just “protecting his daughter” before the photographers since Seraphina started crying as they got closer. The paps have reportedly been getting more aggressive, noted TMZ, which clarified that none of the photographers come from its camp.

This is the first time Ben Affleck stepped out with no beard since bringing home the biggest award at The Oscars 2013. His wins may not have come as a surprise after he had been an underdog being snubbed by the Academy for the coveted Best Director category.

The Oscars snub had reportedly been one of the main reasons why Ben grew his beard during the award seasons this year. The “lucky-charm” as some have explained it was “shaved off at a post-Oscars party” held in Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood.

As earlier reported by IBTimes-AU, the actor’s wife, Jennifer Garner brought a clippers himself, claiming “the family had grown tired of his scruff.” To which Ben obliged and shaved off his beard himself, at the restaurant.

"The whole family was tired of the beard!" the source was quoted as saying by Us. "Jen actually brought the clippers to the party."

Argo is not the first film directed by Ben. He also directed The Town (2010) which was also nominated by The Oscars in 2011; and Gone Baby Gone (2007), also nominated at The Academy.

He has appeared in hit films including Pearl Harbor (2001), Daredevil (2003), a film where he met his wife, Jennifer Garner whom he won “The Best Kiss Award” with MTV Awards in 2004. He also starred in Armageddon (1998), The Sum of All Fears (2001) and some more.

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