‘Believe’ Season 1 Episode 3 Spoilers: ‘Origin’

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Created by "Gravity's" Academy Award winning director Alfonso Cuaron, NBC's new series 'Believe' is a science fiction and fantasy television series that started on March 10 before it premiered in its regular time slot on Sunday March 16 at 9 P.M. After a thrilling second episode, "Believe" Season 1 Episode 3 promises another fast paced action as it features Bo Adams asking Tate he is scared of her.

Played by Jake Mclaughlin, Tate is a wrongly convicted death row inmate who is task to save Bo played by Johnny Sequoyah, a 10-year-old girl with extraordinary paranormal abilities. Bo has gifts to control nature, see the future, telekinesis and levitation since she was born.

Now that her powers are getting stronger the threat from wicked forces who wants to use her abilities for personal gain are becoming more dangerous and she needs someone to protect her at all times. Based on the last episode, "Beginners Luck," Bo and Tate are back in each other's arms when Channing and Winter devise a perfect plan to pose as police officers and bring the two to a safer location.

Episode 2 also revealed that Bo is Tate's long lost daughter but Winter and Channing are still debating on whether or not to tell him the truth. Now for the show's episode 3, Bo and Tate are once again trapped but this time in Mahattan where they encounter a rich woman who is mourning for his son for ten years.

"Grimm" star Shohreh Aghdashloo will play as the wealthy woman for "Believe's" upcoming episode. "Star Trek: Into the Darkness" executive producer JJ Abrams has teamed on with Cuaron with this year's new sci-fi and adventure NBC series.

After the show's two episodes, Screen Rant reviews of "Believe" reads: "Neither Bo nor Winter are above the ridiculousness contained within the premiere, yet the two actors - Sequoyah and Lindo - have an energy about them that helps to carry the weight of the series. What's actually occurring onscreen may be a confusing and downright poor showing for NBC, but if there's a reason to you tune in to Believe's second episode, it's because of these two. Their positivity - no matter how forced - truly burns away much of the series' unfortunate elements, leaving at least some reason to hope that the series will eventually find its way."

Stay tuned on "Believe" Season 1, Episode 3 "Origin" on March 23, Sunday, at 9.P.M on NBC. Watch the trailer here.

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