The Beki Chronicles: Transgendered Filipino Actor BB Gandanghari Gives Thumb Up to My Husband’s Lover

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Even if the Filipino bishops are questioning the airing of the very popular first gay-themed soap opera in Philippine television, My Husband's Lover, several local celebrities backed the bekiserye.

Leading those who were following the show is transgender actor BB Gandanghari, who used to be action star Rustom Padilla.

"It is really difficult to live a life inside the closet, isn't it," he said in Filipino, quoted by

Gandanghari was referring to the character Vincent, played by Tom Rodriguez, who is married to Lally, portrayed by Carla Abella, while carrying a love affair with high school best friend, Eric, essayed by Dennis Trillo.

However, he said he could not 100 per cent related to the character because while he was once wed to actress Carmina Villaroel, the transgender insisted he had no affair with another man while married for several years.

Long suspected of being gay even while doing action movie and coming from a family of action stars, then Rustom Padilla publicly admitted being a homosexual in the Big Brother celebrity edition in the Philippines.

Rustom and Carmina were married in 1994 and separated in 1997, although their marriage was nullified in 2002. He disclosed that he started to acknowledge his gayness only in 1997 after the separation.

Gandanghari's brother, Robin Padilla, grudgingly acknowledged the contribution of gays in Philippine showbusiness, but added TV shows that have gay themes should not have kissing scenes between two men or two women, but it is okay in movies.

"We cannot do anything about it because gays are part of our reality now," he added.

However, he declined to comment on question about same-sex marriage since his view may further alienate him from Gandanghari, whom he is not on talking terms.

Another actor, Gardo Verzosa, said despite the sensitive theme of the show, he said viewers deserve to know the reality of gay relationships.

"The station would not air the show if they didn't think viewers would learn some lessons from it," he reasoned.

Gardo himself is not new to playing gay roles and starring in gay-themed movies such as the critically acclaimed Ang Lalaki sa Buhay ni Selya (The Men in Selya's Life).

The popularity of My Husband's Lover is gauged not only by the Philippine bishops' comment but also the weekend mall tour of the show's stars which was jampacked.

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