The Beki Chronicles: Creative Director of My Husband’s Lover to Marry Male TV Executive in New York (VIDEOS & PHOTO)

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In a scene that would make the romance between two gay men in the popular Philippine gay-themed soap opera My Husband's Lover pale in comparison, two male homosexual media personalities announced that they would soon wed in New York after 10 years of relationship.

Gay relationships had tickled the curiosity of Filipino TV viewers and what better way to show an example of real life imitating reel life by two young and successful gay men announcing their plans to tie the knot at a time that same-sex relationships are gaining more acceptance in the majority Roman Catholic country.

ABC 5 head of Creative and Entertainment Produce Perci Intalan and award-winning filmmaker June Lana announced through the Instagram photo below of their plan to formalise their decade-long relationship via a same-sex wedding in The Big Apple.

Original source: Instagram

Lana is the director of the 2012 Philippine Oscar entry, Bwakaw, to several film festivals in New York, Toronto and Tokyo, and My Husband's Lover's creative director.

Their announcement came amid the country closely following a reel gay relationship between a bachelor architect, Eric, played by actor Dennis Trillo, and a car dealer, Vincent, portrayed by Tom Rodriguez, who is married to Lally, essayed by Carla Abellana.

The country's social media is alive and each episode is the topic of discussion in Twitter and Facebook as viewers watch nightly the soap opera becoming sudsier. In the Thursday, July 11, episode, Lally finally caught Eric and Vincent in the former's condo, which would lead her husband to finally come out of the closet in Friday's episode.

Coming out is the buzz word in Manila, following former Glee star Charice Pempengco's admission on national TV in May that she is lesbian. Her much-awaited outing apparently did not damage Charice's international singing career - only her hair which had been abused with excessive dyeing and grotesque styling - since the 21-year-old Filipina was named this week by a U.S. lesbian Web site as the hottest lesbian in the world.

Perci and Jun may be behind the camera most of the time and not as known to Filipinos as Charice and the stars of My Husband's Lover are, but their public announcement of their marriage would surely be another topic for gossip-hungry Filipinos to talk about.

After all, the country's show business lives by speculations on who is gay or not. With Jun and Perci's formal public outing, it's time to move on to find out who would come out next - the ageing matinee idol who broke up a few months ago with his very beautiful girlfriend or the singing champ who once had a vamp comedienne as a real beau?

Incidentally, a young male finalist of GMA's star search had been hounded for years by rumours that this princely looking man got hitched in the U.S. to an ageing millionaire. While not denying they are friends and travel to the U.S. together, the pair insists they are not in a romantic relationship, much less a married same-sex couple. Do you believe them?

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