'Being Anonymous' While Online

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A new Wired report cited one may easily be anonymous and work online in today's advanced society. There are several ways to be completely anonymous.

One of the ways to reach online anonymity is through the software called Tor, which is the safest and developer-friendly method for using the Internet in disguise. Tor is a free and open source program which  can triple-encrypt the Internet traffic and bounces out to different computers all around the world. By doing this, location tracking and browsing become difficult.

Web Browsing

Wired reported the core application which is distributed for free by the Tor Project is the Firefox-based Tor Browser that can push all the Web traffic through the anonymous network. It is slower than other web browsers but it is the safest browser to protect one's privacy.


The publication added using a Web mail service in the Tor browser is the fastest and simplest way to hide one's details while sending an email. The Guerrilla mail is a temporary, disposable email service that ensures no connection with the IP address. To encrypt messages, a combination of tools are used to avoid manual setup, including "the privacy-focused email host like Riseup.net, the Mozilla email app Thuderbird, the encryption plugin Enigmail and another plugin called TorBirdy that routes its messages through Tor."

Instant Messaging

Both Adium and Pidgin, the instant messaging clients of Mac and Windows, also support Tor. But the Tor project is working on an IM program that will be designed to be more secure and anonymous.

Large File Transfers

The Onionshare, an open-source software is used to share files, this further creates a Tor Hidden Service-a temporary anonymous Web site on computers.

Mobile Devices

Being anonymous on mobiles and tablets is a bit difficult. But there are certain apps that will make catch the pace fast, including Orbot that runs Tor on Android and Onion Browser in the iOS.

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